I Must Have These Shoes

  1. ...and I don't even know why [​IMG]
  2. omg i REALLY didn't need to see that...I'm supposed to be on a shoe fast and you go and show me that! :p

    I like them...maybe they would work better as a point-toe? But I like them...
  3. Maybe so, but the top view of the shoe (as opposed to the side view) is what sold me on them.
  4. I loveeeeeee the heel but not too into the round toe...its a bit too little girl round for me. But they are cute!
  5. because they are super hot!!
  6. I'm liking the funky heel!
  7. Wow - those are super cute. I'm not a big fan of Jessica Simpson but I would get those!
  8. Just remember to order a half-a-size bigger. I wear a 7 but I wear 7 1/2 in all her shoes.
  9. I got them! I usually wear a 7 and these are 7 1/2 and even they are tight. I'm thinking about taking them back and getting a size 8. I've NEVER worn a 8 before in any shoe.

  10. wow, those are hot!! I love the heels. I had no idea her shoes ran so small...
  11. wow those manage to look both pretty and sexy at once, they look great on you! :yes:

    interesting to know her shoes run so small, i'm usually an 8 - 8.5, sounds like i'd need a 9 in her brand!
  12. hows the quality of jessica simpson shoes? those are hot!
  13. they're very Pierre Hardy
  14. I wouldn't say they're great but they're better or equal to Nine West.
  15. For the money that little spit ball JS puts out terrific shoes. My sister's hair dresser is pushing JS's new hair extensions to buy and apply. Looks like JS is going to be known more as a business woman than a singer.