I must have self control!!!!

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  1. I have sold a bunch of things on ebay lately and I am close to having enough for the blue ombre sabrina. Now how am I supposed to have enough self control. I keep looking at the new bags and thinking, maybe I should just get that. What is wrong with me......I think it's close to being a mental illness :shame:
  2. your post made me LOL. I no longer know what self control is either in regards to handbags
  3. LMAO... I do not have self control what so ever when it comes to handbags... I just :drool: and then say to myself... "O I definitely need that!" ....

    I should be having someone do this to me :bagslap:
  4. #4 Aug 25, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2008
    It's hard. I went on a bag binge the middle of July to the beginning of August. It's really the most I've spent on anything aside for my car, it's hard seeing that credit card statement, so that's why I put myself on a little ban, not to mention I was out of work for a month just started a new job today. But it's hard, I'm liking some of the new bags that will be out in awhile (although I am glad nothing really interests me from this floorset), but I'm trying.

    I have a feeling I'll have another binge around Christmas or so to even things out!! Plus I have my mom who is the ultimate enabler in my eyes, she says that one can never have too many bags, that a collection is never complete.
  5. Self control? What the heck is that? IMPOSSIBLE!!!!! Sometimes I think I have some disease or something, I feel like I have to squander up every bag I "love" like I have some hording affliction or something..... LOL :cloud9:
  6. haha I know what you mean. Something that was mentioned somewhere on this forum was printing out a picture of the bag that you're saving up for and sticking it in your wallet so every time you go to spend money, you see what you're missing out on!

    I keep reminding myself of all the birthday and christmas gifts I have to get before the end of the year, too...
  7. I know what you mean! self-control?? What is that and how do I get it?? LOL....SO...I got my ERgo patent hobo today and I LOVE her and told myself I was done for a while...well.....now I feel the need to have all the accessories that match...:angel: ..self control ?? again, what is that?

  8. I need more than one person bag slapping me!! :P
  9. Well I see it as, you have sold off stuff to gain this money so its not like you're spending your earnings... lol Have fun go shopping!
  10. Well, I think we are all in the same boat when it comes to Coach, lol. No self control at all!

    This is a great idea, I'm definitely going to try it. Although I'm pretty good about saving up for Coach as it is.
  11. LMAO! I hear ya on that!
  12. Its totally an addiction. I find myself "dying" for a bag. I go for weeks planning, saving, lusting and dreaming about this bag. Then when I know its coming I am like out of my mind with impatience to either get to the store to pick it up or for the fedex man to deliver. Then {angels singing} its in my hands and I am in love. But, here's the problem, the thought that pops into my head," Ohhhhhh, I need a _____________ bag now, I don't have one of those." And the obsession starts again. Its truly addicting. I just can't help myself. There is always something I am dying to have. I think sometimes its the thrill of the anticipation and the satisfaction after the wait. Am I crazy? Please tell me some of you feel this way?
  13. I think your description is perfect, it's totally how I feel too. It's like the "thrill of the hunt".
  14. We must be sisters....:lol:

  15. I totally feel this way.....I got my first coach bag three years ago and never felt like I needed another one but all of a sudden after my birthday last year when my DH purchased me a black slim carly I wanted more:yahoo:...I have been addicted every since....since december last year I have already bought 3 other bags and started venturing into accessories...basically one for every PCE I have gotten in the mail and even though I just got a bag last week I find myself really excited to go on vacation next week cause our hotel will be 10 mins from 2 COACH Outlets and I already find myself making a wishlist to see if I can find more things to add to my collection....its a true addiction....