I MUST have a G bag!!!!!

  1. Pm is private message. Wanted to drop u mail on how u can get that beige bag....
  2. yes I finnaly figure it out:rolleyes: I had pm's u this afternoon hv u receive it ok?
    still no luck, spoke again with the manager and she said NOOOOO:sick:
  3. Hey Swan1, I email the SA to confirm the colour of the bag, he sais is Biscotto and Kenia trim, is that the same one?
    I cant wait for bag to arrive:happydance:
  4. Don't know the color name for the trim, but the color for the bag sounds right. Please let us know when the bag arrives. I know you must be so excited!
  5. Well i just bought the medium g bag while in Italy. I have wanted one for a long time. It is light blue.
  6. OOOOHHHHHH, let's see!!:love::tup::yes:
  7. I am still in Italy but will post pics when i get back to the USA.
  8. I'm wanting G bag easy- small too!!!!!
    The TOD boutique here said there'r no sales for ths brand here. LV & TOd's r under the same group here in m'east & they don't hv any sales here. Please let me know if there r any sales anywhere in the world for this bag!!
    I've seen it in KL & Singapore. Both r full price w/o discount! I luv this bag s it's weather friendly.
  9. I have a G bag in deep blue color. Bought it from Malaysia at full price about 1 year ago. It's really a good bag, versatile and practical! Love it!
  10. how much is a g-bag inb leather? are they stiull selling it?
  11. I saw it in the boutique over the Christmas 2011 holidays.

    I also saw some black g-bags at the TODS outlet about three weeks ago. They had boutique transfers and outlet versions. If you order through the outlet, be sure to ask specifically for the boutique version--outlet merchandise is final sale so you have to be sure. :smile:
  12. There is a leather G-bag on Anns Fabulous Find in Beige color. Looks like Retail Tod's store is not selling the leather version anymore (at least not on the web-site).
  13. Hi,

    Im new in Tods,

    May i know Tods G- Line Grande is good bag?

    i tempted to have one ...