I MUST have a G bag!!!!!

  1. I am on a MISSION. I dont know where I will get it, or what I will pay for it, but I am going to find a Coated Canvas G-bag. You'd think I would be MORE than satisfied with my bucket G in leather, but noooooooooooooo.............
    I dont like the yellow, tan or fuschia though...I am not sure about the denim. I found a boutique in Palermo where I can get a lilac or denim, but I really like the deep blue, petroleum or the khaki green that is shown in the library...
    I will not buy another purse UNTIL I can get one of these!!
  2. Have you seen the linen one? Very cute summer bag!!

    I am looking forward to the plum D bauletto for fall. Already blew my summer bag budget.

    You could call Bergdorf's in NYC and ask for Jody. I've heard great things about her and she might be able to track one down for you. Just sayin.....
  3. Thanks! I may give her a call. I have Steve at Cabazon on the lookout. I called Orlando yesterday and they didnt have any - I still have Primm and Woodbury to call.
    When I got rid of all my bags to get my leather G and my Burberry, I didnt realize that I would miss some shade of blue. I already have a wine bag (I still love my Botkier Logan).
    I have never owned anything but leather but the pics are just too cute. I am in the south and we never know when we are going to get caught in a downpour so I thought it would be a good idea....
  4. The coated canvas G-bag is a great addition to any bag collection. Get it in a colour you want. Good luck for the hunt!
  5. Good luck w/your search, mdcal! The green from the first season is gorgeous. If you can snag one of those beauties at the outlet, I'd say you should grab it. Keep us posted.
  6. Oh ladies, I am torn......or should I say my wallet is torn!
    I found a lilac g bag with vachetta handles just like MsPiggys....a little over $600 om sale...
    But I REALLY want the deep blue with cuir leather handles.....different boutique and its $836...of course, I have emailed them to find out if they give first time buyers a 'welcome' discount.....
    My wallet still hurts from the leather g bag!
    Would you get the lilac and save a few $$$ or not settle for anything other than what I want, therefore taking a chance that it might be gone....
  7. ^^ mdcal, I have to say that the color preferences with the G-bag are so individual––and in my opinion––so important. I think if you buy a color that is not your personal love, you could easily regret it. I do understand your valid concerns w/the price point (particularly after having purchased the other bag), so I'm not pushing you to buy the more expensive bag. I do have a thought. You might pull up all the boutique locations in the U.S. (on the TOD'S Web site) and call each one to ask about the bag you want. I've found that prices for a bag can sometimes differ from boutique to boutique, particularly as to which bags are included in the semi-annual sales. So, if an SA offers to call around for you, you might decline and just do the calling yourself. I've done this w/good results. Just a thought. And of course, you can always have the outlets looking out for you. Good luck! Keep us posted.
  8. Isn't it funny how Styledrops has a bunch of different prices on the different colors of the G bags???!!! I am with you on the color...that denim blue is the prettiest. I read somewhere that they only sold those in Europe. Sale,sale, where are you???:nuts::shrugs:
  9. Yeah, they dont have much in the way of a sale, and I cant for the life of me understand the different prices based on color - they know how to work the popular ones! They did offer me free shipping from Italy though.
  10. I agree with swan1. If you get the lilac, would you still hanker for the deep blue? I know personally I would not be happy with another colour esp if the colour does not go with my wardrobe/preference. At the end of the day, you must go with what makes you happy. Try what swan1 has suggested. You may just end up with the one you want at the price you're happy with!
  11. My Mission has been accomplished, thanks to a WONDERFUL TPFer!!! Never would I imagine that I would want a bag in any material other than leather, but I must admit, I am extremely happy with my KHAKI coated canvas G bag!!!
    Pics to come!!!!
  12. ^^ mdcal, I'm so excited for you! Congratulations. Can't wait to see the pix.
  13. So glad for you!!!! Did you get a great deal? Can't wait to see it!!!
  14. I saw a gold G Bag in Vegas that I fell in love. I had a credit at Neimans so I bought a yellow one. I thought it would be fun for summer ... gulp ... I hope I made the right choice. I tend to buy a lot of bags at Neimans ... I have an SA in Dallas on Alert for when fall colors come in. The gold would have been a year round bag ... the yellow will be best for the summer although in Vegas I may be able to use it year round. Good luck with your search.
  15. That's great news!
    I'm happy for you.

    I recently purchased a Black G Bag and I love it to pieces. It's practical and chic. Not an easy combination to discover in a handbag.

    Initially I thought I was buying it for my rainy day bag. Not so. I wear it everyday and I'm already planning my next color - white for the summer!

    Enjoy your bag and I can't wait to see pics. It sounds lovely and perfect for spring/summer. Actually year round.:smile: