I must get back on the wagon!!

  1. I would like to lose about 25 pounds..I used to weigh 300 pounds and over an 8 year period I have lost 125 of that but I would like to lose 25 more..It took a long time because I have super slow metabolism and a family full of heavy people..so metabloism and genetics are not on my side..plus I didn't use any supplements or aids I did it with diet and exercise by myself...nonetheless I would really like to lose these last 25..is there a thread on here for lie a monthly check in..just so we can all see our progress and in my experience the inches coming off always look better than the pounds:shame: I think this may be my longest post ever.
  2. Hi clinkenwar! I was thinking about starting an 8-week-long challenge for anyone who wants to join. You check in weekly and post your progress, how you're feeling, what you've been eating and what your workouts for that week have been, what your goals are, and just post for support from other members. Eight weeks would put us around the end of June, perfect timing for summer! If you're interested, let me know :biggrin:
  3. I'm interested! And good luck, clinkenwar, I know you'll reach your goal!
  4. If you do a weekly challenge, count me in! I still have baby weight to lose and my son is now 10 months old!:shame: Summer is just around the corner, so I really must do something to get this weight off! The weight just dropped right off after my last pregnancy (nine years ago), but this time I'm really having to work at it!
  5. I am looking to lose 15 pounds, I would interested in this challenge, so interested that I would even post a pic of my flabby stomach that would hopefully be a before pic :shame:
  6. Sign me up Cristina!

  7. Cristina that sounds great!!! I would LOVE to join in!!! You should get on top of that for sure!! We could all post before after pics and show off our new bods- or just give our new stats. I always find that writing things down helps so much
  8. You got it :nuts: On my lunch (coming up soon, thank goodness :wacko: ), I will start the challenge thread.

    I woke up so motivated this morning, thanks to this subforum! I got in a great workout and haven't had any chocolate - I beat my mid-morning Reeses craving :nuts:
  9. good luck! the 8 week challenge will be awesome.. oh i already see a reward for myself in the end if i succeed. :smile: