I must express my fustration for all these deals!!

  1. I am going on vacation in a week and so I ordered a bunch of things on Shopbop, shoplastyle and hayden harnett... but that was 2 days ago and now that I am checking deals & steals....

    all those sites are having sales now!! I am so fustrated.. I couldve gotten 20% and 30% off!! AHHH :sad: I am so upset.....

    I just had to let it out...
  2. oo I hate when that happens! :sad:.... maybe you can call their customer service line and tell them u have a code and they can still give u the discount?? Good luck!
  3. I would definately call each store and ask for a price adjustment, most every store has a specific time period where they will issue price adjustments. Definately worth the phone calls. Good luck and have a great vacation.
  4. I know Shopbop is very good about price adjustments from past experience- good luck!! it's worth the phone calls!
  5. I agree.. def worth a try! Or you can return your full price bags, and then buy it somewhere else that has it on sale?
  6. gosh nobody would do it for me because they were all shipped out and my cc was charged... this really sucks :sad:
  7. Yes do the price adjustment. Last time I got over $85 back from shopbop!
  8. Ditto - you have nothing to lose by calling each vendor and seeing if you can get the price adjusted.

  9. thanks all. yeah i tried.. but they said because they were already shipped they can't. :crybaby:
  10. Awwww. That's really heartbreaking. So sorry that happened to you. :sad:
  11. how about returning it and rebuying w/ coupon? the only thing is u wouldnt have your purchases for vacation...so u should decide what's your priority, having them for vacation or saving $$. have a grt vaca either way!