I must be the ONLY Ocean SGH Lover around!!!

  1. Since I seem to be the only Ocean lover around, I thought I would post this for those who may have missed it :graucho: Nobody seems to share the love I have for this combo :nogood: I think the Ocean is the PERFECT shade of Blue :graucho:
    Ocean GSH Part Time 001.jpg
  2. I LOVE ocean with SGH, gorgeous! It is a really pretty blue and the SGH really goes so well. Thanks for the pics and congrats!
  3. Hey Purse OO:huh:h... What a relief.... I didn't even read the description on that site we always visit.. But I'm happy your keeping this one. Shes purrteee.
  4. I love ocean too!
  5. Sweet!! Wish I could see it IRL- but I'm taking your word that it's a pretty blue!
  6. Whew! What a relief! ;) There are a few fans around!! I feel much better now! Thank you all for sharing the love!!! :heart:
  7. I love this combo too.:tup:
  8. Aw purse, I love it tooo!!! I have the mini coin purse in ocean and the color is so deep and pretty!!! Your bag is just gorgeous!!!!
  9. i'm a fan, too! what a beautiful bag!
  10. Ocean is gorgeous! Calling something ocean is pretty ballsy, but it's a fab color so congrats on a great bag!
  11. After seeing Incoral's stunning Ocean SGH RTT, I'm a fan,too!!!:yes:

    Gorgeous combo!!:tup:
  12. ohhh you are not the only one who loooovess ocean sgh!!! i have the ocean sgh work and it is hands down the best bbag leather i have ever seen! your is gorgeous! i LOVE it!
  13. I hadn't posted yet, but I love love love my ocean SGH hobo -- the color / hardware combo., the leather, and the style. I'm extremely happy with this bag.
    oceanhobofrontflat1.JPG oceanhobobackflat1.JPG
  14. I love the part time and the hobo is awesome too! The color seems hard to capture in pics. I saw ocean IRL and it is a very dimensional color. :drool:

  15. :tup: I Love it!!! Love the color too!:okay: