I must be strange....

  1. I strongly believe that I am the only person on this forum who is not into the Whisky Ali! Don't get me wrong, it's an attractive bag....but I just can't into it.

    I feel like a leper... :crybaby:
  2. I must be part leper, I have a Natural Ali. :smile:
  3. I think they are nice bags, but I saw a whiskey ali at the store and I thought it was too orangey for me, but I can appreciate a beautiful bag.. just not for me. You're not alone!! ;)
  4. ok had to see it on eBay nope I don't like the whiskey bags every time I see one at my Macys its beyond scratched up. but im mostly into signature. But I also think thats what makes this forum great all of our differences I did learn one thing here....
    When I started collecting I would say hey ladies what do you think of this bag and someone made me realize its all about what do I think of the bag so now I have no problem I just buy exactly what I like :O)

    my collection :O)
  5. Let's not make this an Ali bashing thread (not saying it is, but it could easily head that way)

    The Ali is not my style. I like the whiskey color, but don't have anything to wear with it (I used to be bad about buying a purse then trying to buy clothes to match). I wear mostly black and jewel tones and whiskey doesn't really go with that. I just like purses that I can get into easily wihout having to lift the big flap.

    Having said that, whiskey legacy leather is like the most popular color coach has ever made! Many Coach owners are passionate about their whiskey Ali's, shoulder bags, satchels and mandys. That's why Coach makes lots of stuff, to make us all happy!!! :yes:

    Everyone should carry what they love and can afford and not worry about what anyone else thinks!
  6. It's not my absolute favorite either. I don't mind the ALI, but I prefer the brown instead if whiskey. But then again, there are many bags that are popular with the ladies here that I just can't seem to love.
  7. it was you I think you told me this
    "Everyone should carry what they love and can afford and not worry about what anyone else thinks!":lecture:
    that really sunk in. I now buy exactly what I like and if it makes me happy who cares if anyone else likes it thanks!!!!!:tup:
  8. I wonder if there is one bag that is an unanimous favorite.:idea:
  9. my mom bought the ali in whiskey, didn't like it and offered to sell it to me (for $200). stupid me said no and now i'm regretting it.

    i didn't like it before, but for $200 i wouldn't mind it now.
  10. Court, I'm loving the pics of the kitties!

    I'm not such a whiskey fan. I prefer brown or natural. It's not that I don't like whiskey, but like Court I just don't have a lot of stuff that matches that hue.
  11. Yep...I think it's called "Carly." LMAO!!:roflmfao:
  12. I wear mostly black and jewel tones too! I have many black bags in my collection. I also like blue and purple a lot. For some reason, the whiskey Ali struck me as a neutral thatI can wear with just about anything when I don't want the more severe look of black. Isn't it funny how we all see things differently? :yes:
  13. I have Ali in every color leather but Whiskey. For some reason I hesitate. I would have to see it in person and hand pick it!

    When I enlarge the photo of the Ali the model on Coach.com is holding, I like it. When I see them on eBay I think twice!?!
  14. Ali is my personal unanimous favorite. I feel like my purse quest is over, I'm really enjoying my collection now!
  15. I think most of us on here go for the Carly or the Legacy Shoulder. Those are two great classic bags