I must be sick....

  1. went to Neimans today (3 hours away, so doesn't happen often at all). Its the end of a long but unproductive day of shopping and I'm looking at scarves, There were a few that I loved (pink cosmos, blue toits, and loads of plisses which WILL be my next purchase).

    So out of nowhere DH is asking me if they carry H wallets there. No. :confused1: So then he's like, oh only scaves...well, which one do you want?

    And I'm just taken by so much surprise that I say... lets go look at pocket squares. :s (I felt a tad guilty spending money on a scarf). well, I decided I dont like pocket squares (my neck is too fat so that won't work at all), and he thinks they look too skimpy and tells me I should just get a scarf....

    and I say, no, lets just go home. :confused1: :rolleyes: :yucky:

    Of course we make it 5 minutes down the road and I'm begging to turn around, but it was too late (we'd have to pay for parking again, get ff the highway etc, plus it was getting late.) I feel jipped. And stupid. :hysteric: :cursing: :crybaby:
  2. Aww, it will give you some time to think about what you want. Did any of the scarves grab your attention? If so, just call NM and they will ship it out to you.
  3. of course. there's a pink plisse that I can't get out of my head. :sad: But DH wanted to get it for me there because I've never had the opportunity to buy hermes in person before. He told me that next time I'm somewhere they sell it I can get something, but god knows when that'll happen again.... I'm trying to convince him that he should get itfor me as a surprise....I even offered to pay him for the shipping, but it appears that i lost my chance. :hysteric:

    I am so bad at impulse purchases...even when I fall in love with something, I just can't do it.
  4. I've done that before too ^_^ I felt really bad that my boyfriend wanted to buy me a really expensive necklace out of nowhere, so I ended up leaving the store without it...15 minutes down the road I felt like crying!!! Of course I went back a couple weeks later and bought it myself, without telling him at first, because I still have this stubborn I AM WOMAN I BUY THINGS MYSELF!!! mentality :p Sometimes it's good to wait to make sure you really have found what you want :yes:
  5. Dang it! I hate it when that happens! My SO and I shop a lot together when we vacation and usually everything is fine, but sometimes something happens and a switch gets flipped in me and I don't want anything to do with shopping.

    Glad Rose suggested calling NM and having something shipped. Or better yet, could you buy online from H??

    Hope you find something to brighten your day!

  6. oh nooooo!! so sorry! i felt that way 2 wks ago when i walked out of the H store empty handed. DH wanted to get me a charm bracelet and they didnt have any in stock. so he told me to get something else but i was so bummed about the bracelet, i didn't want anything else. after DH's "hermes magic spell" wore off, i wanted to kick myself for not getting SOMETHING...ANYTHING!! oh well. anyhow, that just means u get to save ur money for something even more special when u go to the H store next time!!
  7. Girl, don't be silly. Here's what you do.

    Drop it. Go give him a sweet kiss and say it was a sweet thought. That his consideration means so much to you. Then DROP IT!! Girl don't you mention it anymore. Don't make Hermes synonomous with drama.

    Here's why.

    Next, in a couple weeks or so, you engineer a trip somewhere you can get an Hermes WALLET. Yes, he mentioned it. And the next time you see it, he will KNOW how much you want it. Even if you waffle, he'll probably talk you out of it!! He'll remember how you think better of it 5 minutes down the road.

    Then you will have a wallet... on to more and bigger Hermes!!! YAY! :yahoo:

    Did I mention Yay?? :yahoo:
  8. Angel! She's gooooood ... and right! :yahoo:
  9. dont worry, I dropped it. No use risking pissing him off about it. Doesn;t make me feel any better though! :s I joked about it a little in the car, but I wont bring it up again.

    I just feel stupid for passing it up. He agreed that I was. :rolleyes:

    unfortunatley, managing a trip to an actual h store is an ordeal...most likely involving train tickets and a hotel. I am planning on doing NY in April when y'all go though, so maybe I can finagle a bigger budget to work with for that...:idea:
  10. I am the same, I do like to think about things before I buy them. I do understand that he wants to buy you something special from H in person, but how about you buy yourself a little something special from H by phone. It's awefully satisfying- lil' H gifts to oneself!:yahoo: :yahoo: That still leaves that H 'in person' experience intact for your DH.....:shame:
  11. don't worry -- when the time is right you will pull the trigger (and you won't have this problem anymore because once you start, you can't stop!) maybe a big trip to a boutique is what you need to overcome your block. it would be nice to make it a grand occasion -- i have one less than 2 miles from my house and i almost never go (mostly because i find the sa's quite *****y).
  12. I do this too, especially regarding jewelry! I panic and freeze even if its something classic or something I know I'll get lots of use from. So what I've decided to do is 'pre-shop' and get a sense of what I want so I'm not put on the spot.

    Let's just say at least you weren't in Hermes in Paris and then didn't get anything when offered just because they didn't have a particular collier de chien bracelet...still annoyed with myself.
  13. ilovechoo - happens to the best of us

    angelfish - wonderful advice (and just manipulative enough, too :wlae: )