I must be patient...

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  1. Ooooh ladies, I want to buy a Coach bag so badly! My bday is next week and I'm totally swamped this week (though you wouldn't be able to tell considering the amount of time I've been spending on TPF, lol) and I SO want to wake up to a lovely Coach bag on my doorstep. But I know that the outlets will be STOCKED the week after Christmas, the SAs there keep telling me to be patient and come back! I have spent so much money already this month, I really should be patient. I also just bought myself a new coat for my birthday, so I certainly don't need to buy another birthday present, I've pretty much taken care of myself a couple times over :rolleyes: Anyone sympathize? Christmas is coming, the outlet sales, why oh why must I want a bag NOW?
  2. Didn't you already buy your christmas present?
  3. Oh girl, I know how you feel! My heart ached for a new bag when I was in Columbus this past weekend, the Chelsea was beautiful, the Resort denim collection was neat, I loved the Ali's... I almost pitched a fit for my boyfriend to buy me a new bag, but I'm just not that way. I just recently got the Signature Gallery Tote, so I should be grateful instead of wishing for more so soon. I did get the Signature winter hat in black, so cute. Just be patient and dream about the after-Chrtistmas sales, thats whay I'm doing! :amuse:
  4. Are the sales at the outlets after Christmas really good? I went the day after Thanksgiving and they were only offering an additional 10% on top of their usual discounts.
  5. elongreach, I got my bf his Christmas present, but I've gotten myself enough presents this year for sure!!

    pomplit, the sales are great the two weeks after xmas

  6. Excellent!! I don't think I would be much help to you, vanojr9, because I can't keep myself out of the retail store right now and now I want to "visit" the outlets after Christmas. LOL WOW, I am SO addicted to Coach! :drool:
  7. do you think the outlets will have any of the legacy after Christmas? How long does it take to get to the outlets when they leave the retail stores?
  8. since legacy is being revamped for the next line, the only time legacy would be there is if someone returns theirs at your outlet.
  9. haha, that's the bag I want to buy, a legacy signature bag. I doubt they'll hit the outlets, they've been so popular.
  10. I know how it is, im dieing for a Carly bag =[
  11. legacy is like hamptons and soho now, and so there is a chance they'll hit outlet as i'm sure you've noticed that they've updated the hobo and flap and such.

    but since legacy just came out i doubt that they'd be there in the outlets for the "after xmas" sale

    plus they've been getting great feedback just like the stripe..which was why the stripes were consolidated (sp) to flagship/pinnacle instead of going to the outlet when black and gold came...=P and i'm sure once blue and punch comes out it'll be the same

    it's just too popular, they've actually had to reorder and have more manufactored because it went above their expectations.

    same with legacy. =( a customer wanted me to order the wristlet or wallet for her in whiskey and it was 100% gone. no found, couldn't even steal it from another store....
  12. after christmas sale at the outlets?


    hmmm...please tell me more about these!!!

    I guess the new stuff (or "floorset" as I've learned it's called) is at the boutiques on Dec 26...so that means alot of stuff goes to the outlet for sale?

    bigger sale than the 20% off normal outlet prices?

    (dear god I have a problem...)
  13. :roflmfao: deweydrop you crack me up! But hey, I have a problem too! ROFL When I found out yesterday that the outlets will have good sales after Christmas, I was like "I"M THERE!". :wtf: I've spent so much money already!! It's like a sickness.... one I :heart: :heart: !!

    Does anyone know if it's better to go the day right after Christmas? Or does it not matter if you go a few days after?
  14. Yes, I need to know too! I've never been to an outlet yet, and I love to go shopping with my sister the day after Christmas.
  15. I aim to please!

    I have the week between christmas and new years off...I'm thinking one day I'll road trip it up to the Lee, MA outlet...then one day down to the Clinton, CT outlet (although - they NEVER get signature stuff there, and I was JUST THERE on monday.)