I missed you guys too!

  1. Hello dear friends,

    I've been getting so many pm's and emails from you girls welcoming me back. :crybaby: I wasn't away or angry at this site or what was going on. I have simply been sick, I had the flu mixed with a bronchial infection and was out of commission for almost 2 weeks! YUK!

    Now I'm feeling back to normal and ready to shop! :yahoo: And all the new purchases in the ref thread well congrats to all of you and they are all beautiful items.

    Thanks for all your concerns.

    E. (baggs)
  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your recent illness, but thrilled to be one of the first to welcome you back! I actually did a search for you last night because I realized I hadn't read any of your posts in a while.

    So...what's your next purchase?
  3. Glad your feeling much better. Welcome Back!!!
  4. Yay! It's great to hear you're all better now! Welcome back, Baggs! We missed you! So... what's on top of the "list"?:graucho:
  5. Nice to see you back Baggaholic!
  6. I'm going back on my 25cm Birkin search! I'll start my hunt again tomorrow fresh and early!
  7. baggs, welcome back and we're all glad to know you're feeling better.......yeah, echoing sue - what did you get to "nurse" your little flu?
  8. Hi!! You're back! Welcome!! :yes:
  9. Oh man, Pazt! Let's not talk about ****ty penicillin!
  10. baggs, you know darn well that that's not what i'm talking about :nuts: ....am talking about the H - antibiotic that can cure every sick and lonely soul out there! :wlae: :roflmfao: :graucho: :yahoo:
  11. Hey, girl, I got your PM. Don't blame me for this one. It was Shopmom's cooties!!!!:P :upsidedown:
  12. lol,... It was you and your flu shot that got me sick!!!!! Remind me never to get close to someone who had the flu shot!

    Pazt I have not purchased anything in 2 weeks, it feels like eternity! I need a fix fast! (slapping my veins) I need a fix!
  13. Baggaholic...you are so loved here! Glad you are back...and ready to shop.
  14. Shopmom has the cooties! :roflmfao: eww,... cootie girl!
  15. Bagg.. so sorry to hear that you were sick, but glad that you are now feeling much better so you can shop again.. I bet that that SA at Hermes missed you a great deal.. hehe....