I Missed the Train ... AGAIN!!! (aka: looking for pre-season bag)

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  1. I know, I know .. I keep on doing this; I see a color which (when looking at the color swatches) doesn't intrigue me .. and then (of course), I see pics here on the Forum .. and then I REALLY want one (but they're usually gone by then - :sad:).

    Has anyone seen or know of where I might find the '10 Light Olive Part-Time (preferably with RGGH). Or - I suppose I could wait for the Militaire, but when should that be available???

    Thanks all .. :biggrin:

  2. ^^I think wait for Militaire ;) -I am eyeing for this same combo in a city for myself! Looks to be cooler toned than Olive and maybe a bit more versatile?
  3. I agree: wait for Militaire due to its apparently cooler tones, but keep your eye out for Light Olive on websites or ask boutiques if they have any, if you still love it. Maybe Cultstatus may have some left??
  4. Maybe try NM? I don't know if they ordered the PT but it's worth a shot to call and ask an s/a to check inventory and see if the PT was ordered by the company.

    Barneys only ordered the RGGH City, which is where I purchased mine. And Nordstrom no longer carries the PT at all. Did you try calling Balenciaga boutiques?
  5. Thanks all ... I might just wait for the Militaire. Any idea as to when these should be appearing in the stores? I don't get why Barneys, NM and other big retail stores don't order the Part Time ... it's still a popular style. :pout:
  6. Actually Nordstrom in Seattle carries the Part - time :biggrin: I've seen them there IRL 2 weeks ago. Don't know if they have the color you are looking for.
  7. Militaire with RGGH should be gorgeous! I can't wait to see it myself.
  8. ^^ I know ... I can't wait to see it; the bigger issue is going to be finding it! May have to put in a call/email to some of the Bal boutiques (hate that they keep your C/C info though!).