I missed the sale and i'm sad!!!

  1. :tdown:I missed the sale and I am sooooooooo upset!!! I sent my cc info and Catalina responded "out of stock" and sent me a new list. THIS HAPPENED THREE TIMES!!!! I tried to by 6 different bags! I checked my emails as often as I could (a few times each day), but I guess not in time. Now that I am reading about all of you getting your bags I am so jealous and sad!!! I just wanted to get this off my chest!

    I am in nursing school so paying full price is not a smart move for me right now. Although I am tempted! I really don't need a brown or black bag and that is pretty much all that I can find on sale (my first choice would be grey otherwise a color!)

    BTW Does anyone know if and how often RM has sample sales?
  2. im really sorry to hear that :sad: i heard this happened to quite a few people.. i think she has sample sales every time she has a new line come out (im not 100% sure though..)

    but right now label360 has a 20% off code for all rebecca minkoff, and always have a lookout for delcina.com they have had a lot of rebecca minkof go on sale for as much as 40% off

    hope this helps :flowers:
  3. OOh, I would be sad to. I just got this email from Catalina yesterday and there are still some purses available. Here's the message I got:

    still have these remaining for the sample sale if you want to buy any or tell your friends!let me know or just give them my email!

    I just wanted to let you know that we got another box of goodies and wanted to alert you to it as I know that you were interested in some of our bags! I cannot send any additional images than what is on the web.

    Please note that I will respond to your email WITHIN 24 hours, so please don't be alarmed if you don't hear back from me right away. AFTER your card is charged and your order processed (3-7 days) you will receive an email TRACKING number.

    The orders are first come, first serve basis, so I will need your bag choice, and your cc and shipping details (incl. phone #) to confirm your order. No orders will be accepted unless this info is attached, nor are any phone orders being taken due to the high volume. Shipping is $15.00 for US and $95.00 for Intl.

    There is no guarantee that your selections will be available. If for any reason your selections are sold out, I will send you an email informing you and you could make another selection .



    Price Style Color

    150 Clutch Cream

    250 Tess Nude/coffee

    150 Blind Date Clutch BLACK. BLK SUEDE

    125 Get Away Clutch Black

    300 Get Away Tote Chocolate Stonewash

    300 Elisha Blue/Chocolate wicker

    150 Blind Date Clutch Midnight w/Black Suede
    150 Blind Date Clutch Nude/Beige

    315 Dream Bag Dk Chocolate nubuck/ Dk Chocolate Nubuck
    315 Dream Bag Midnight w/ Black Suede
    315 Dream Bag Midnight w/Blk suede
    315 Dream Bag Midnight w/Pewter
    315 Dream Bag Pewter/Eggplant suede
    315 Dream Bag Wine/Burgundy suede

    315 Easy Bag Wine w/ Burgundy Suede

    315 Get Away Tote Mocha
    315 Get Away Tote Wine

    150 No String Clutch Midnight/Black suede
    150 No String Clutch Nickle/ Sand suede
    150 No String Clutch Pewter/Eggplant suede
  4. oo how much are these bags? ^^

    sorry im new to rm.
  5. ^ The prices are listed right before the names.
  6. I know how frustrating that can be. I missed out on several bags myself because of correspondence and overselling. I'm living a life without a mini morning emerald for that reason. :rant:I'm really glad that she is always coming out with different ones. I'm so in love with the new version of the mam. :heart:Rebecca is really kind just to open the sales to us. I do agree if the order is placed, the bag should be set aside.
  7. I'm sure her next sale won't be too far behind. She had her last one in Oct. I'm guessing after each season she does this. If she does this by email in the future, I would list the ones I want in order if one bag is sold out. That's what I did this time since one of the bags I wanted had sole out.

    I'm in nursing too btw! :smile: Being in school, I wouldn't pay full price either.
  8. When I was at the L.A. Sample Sale, I heard her tell another lady that the next sale should be in a month or so. Since they did the email sample sale, I don't know if this is the case, but let's keep our fingers crossed & pray for MAMs, MABs, & Nikis!
  9. I am hoping I have better luck with the next sale or find a good MAM or MA on sale! For now I just have to live without too!
  10. I wouldnt feel too bad about it. There were very limited colors available in the sale, and if you were to order from an online boutique with either a 25% or 30% code, you could get a new RM bag for roughly the same price, and in the color you want too!