i missed the mj blowout sale. someone will pay for this

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  1. MbMJ had a 90%!!!! :wtf: off ALL SHOES sale at their boutiques yesterday (1/6)

    I am SO MAD I missed this. gonna head over to Bleecker tomorrow but I highly doubt they're going to have much left.. :sad:
  2. yeah, i heard those sales were pretty cleaned out :/
  3. Where's Bleeker? Sorry I'm new here.
  4. Is it just a one day sale?
  5. She means Bleeker St. in NYC...there's a marc by Marc Jacobs store there.
  6. 90%..... I am in Italy... so far... :sad:
    Wish you good luck!
  7. 90%?!?!? That's nuts! Sucks we don't have MbMJ here in TPA.
  8. They've been having a 70% off sale on shoes and clothing but Sunday was 90% off at certain MbMJ stores (I think NYC, Boston and LA). I called ahead today and they only had really odd sizes left so I didn't bother going. They didn't even have the moccasins or those weird sock-boots left in my size!

    I'm already waiting for the summer clearance sale. :crybaby: