I missed the fed ex man

  1. well, we were out delivering balloons and flowers to our kids at school and when we got home there was a notice on the front door that fed ex had tried to deliver a package. My husband made up this lame excuse that he just saved the last slip and hung it on the door to see how I'd act, but I didn't buy it. So, in one hour he will be driving over to the fed ex warehouse and picking up whatever it is that came today and I'm not sure it's from Madison Ave but I think so. Will keep you posted.
  2. Exciting!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Wow, how exciting!!!
  4. Loren......did you take a picture of the tag on your door and then a picture of your DH going OUT the door and into the car and driving off to Fed Ex? Because we need a dang blow-by-blow now that we've been spoiled by COBALT..................:p
  5. woohoo what a GREAT husband!!!
  6. sneaky H hubbies are the best!!!!!!! can't wait........
  7. Oh man!!!! More waiting lol!!!
  8. so exciting...can't wait
  9. Wow, I love surprise... can't wait
  10. Yeah! :heart: Can't agree more, PBC!

    loren, how great this is! Bet you are terribly anxious, now that you know there is something for you!
  11. We'll all just camp out here till DH comes back with the box. Bottle of wine, chips, Sex in the City DVDs--check!
  12. I'm snowbound, so I ain't goin' anywhere....bottle of wine, crackers and cheese, and Devil Wore Prada.....

    Waiting on you loren.....:popcorn::popcorn:
  13. Call Fedex, say turn around immediately ! How exciting, can't wait for the grand opening !! :yes:
  14. Just kickin back with a chilled Martini and a few olives waiting with you Loren.......
  15. ok loren, this is going to be a long one too...............

    DH better retrieve it!