I missed out on this grenat paddy

  1. I was watching this auction for days. The color is gorgeous.

    Tonight I went to my parents house for dinner. I just got home and checked on ebay and the auction ended.
    I was so sad. I totally forgot about it

    It sold for $830.00!!!!! :shocked:

    What an increadible deal. I think this color is so pretty.

    Oh well. Just had to share. Guess it was not meant for me :rant:

    I'm noticing that the resale price of Paddy's is going lower and lower. Hmm. Wonder why. Are there too many out there? Not complaining though. i like a good deal

  2. Oh I hate it when that happens! Pretty paddy. Find solace knowing if you had been in on the bidding too, it wouldn't have ended at $830! Always that last person to beat.... arrrgh!

  3. That's a good way to look at it. You're probably absolutely right:yes:
  4. That's a beautiful color for the paddy! I missed out too blowing over 1k on another bag!
  5. I think the selling prices on eBay are getting lower because there are SO many fakes flooding the market, so any genuine sellers have to lower their prices to cope. It's such a shame... Especially to think that some poor soul paid up to £200 just for a fake, thinking that its so cheap compared to the real price, but in reality it's so much more expensive than the value of the bag they have received.

    I wonder if they'll ever be able to crack down on replica handbags. :cry:
  6. I was watching that one too but was told it wasn't authentic by a PF'er

    the seller said the tag read "dark red"
    not "grenat" in an email she sent to me.
  7. Oh shoot! That is one of the most pretty colors on a paddy:hrmm: Dont give up you'll find one:biggrin: :yes:

  8. Hmmm. Really? :hrmm:
  9. FYI there's an auth one on ebay now - I'm sure if you do a search it will come up...
  10. I don't know if it means anything, only that the tag did not say grenat according to the seller.
  11. Hmmm, the tag on mine says grenat.
  12. Maybe there was a "dark red" and a "grenat"??
    I have NO idea. I just know that the owner told me the tag read, "dark red" not "grenat"