i missed out on Fairy bag by one phone call!

  1. Oye, am dying here...(and crying)...Jonathan, Prada SA Beverly Hills store, who is a doll, very sweet and helpful, put me on list (it was the 4th store i called ......i almost got it, was next person he called, i missed call 'cause was at work and cell turned off, "my" Fairy bag went to next person on list!!!!

    <so so so sad:yucky::sad:
  2. oh...i'm so sorry. i know how that feels. Hopefully, it'll find its way to you some other way soon!
  3. So sorry. I hope you are able to find one soon.
  4. Call my girl SONIA at NYC BROADWAY store!
  5. too bad but try calling around and you'll hopefully find one!
  6. The fairy bag is also on Bergdorf's website, to be available on April 7 or so.
  7. I would be willing to bet all the fairys will be more available soon -- you don't put that kind of money into an ad campaign to show people things they don't stand a chance of having.
  8. I'm still on vacation in Asia and have spotted Fairy bags (in different sizes) in Taipei and Singapore. Give the stores a call. I have been told that they are not as popular in Asia.