I missed NOT having a SPY so ...

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  1. I had to pick up DH from the office today but I was a bit early and had an hour to kill. So, off I went to exchange the coat that I got a few weeks ago. Of course, they had no more coats so I ended up with the credit note. But to put that credit note back in my wallet and walk out of the store would have been too much to ask so I went to check out some bags as I still had half an hour to kill. Didn't really see anything I liked until I reached the Fendi counter.:graucho: There it was - a cognac SPY that I've loved and drooled over for the last few months. It just sat there looking all sad and lonely. How could I NOT take it home with me (plus, after using my credit note, the bag only ended up costing me $400.00!:nuts:).

    Well, I am sure you've all seen a cognac Fendi Spy but here it is anyways :lol: :


    The pic came out kind of crappy as I think SPY photographs so much better without the flash but it was too dark not to use it.
  2. Pic not showing up... :sad:
  3. :shame:
    Cognac SPY.jpg
  4. Wow! Its gorgeous....I must put one of these on my "someday to buy" list...The cognac spy look awesome. Congrats. :yahoo:
  5. Your new spy is GORGEOUS Irene!!!!!!! :love:

    Congrats on having a spy back in your collection!!!!!! :yahoo:
  6. It's so beautiful, I am so wanting one, congrats!
  7. [​IMG]

    That is gorgeous! Congrats!
  8. Oh, Irene! So good to have you back in our Spy family! :tender: I'd so missed you and your infectious Spythusiasm. This Fendi forum didn't have anywhere near as many :yahoo: and :nuts: and :heart: without you here. Welcome home!

    And oooolala! Look at that GORGEOUS caramel-chocolat Cognac Spy!! WOW!:drool: :drool: Congrats!:kiss: :kiss:
  9. Thank you, ALL!!! I miss being here (even though I do pop up once in a while to post an occasional celeb with Fendi pic!:graucho:)!!!
  10. That is such a :drool: spy, beautiful. So glad to have you back into the spy club
  11. Wow great find, and all in a half hour's time, huh? My DH would be so proud of me if I could make shopping decisions in such a timely manner! :graucho: Congrats!!! :smile:
  12. love it!
  13. ooh... this is why i love store credits. it makes insane spending sooo much easier.
  14. I will continue to drool no matter how many times I look at it. ^^
  15. It's so Pretty!!! The colour is TDF, so rich and yummy!!:drool: :drool: