I missed my PF girlfriends and carrying my bbag!

  1. Hi all,
    I was on a lazy beach vacation for the last week and a half--everyday going to the beach, eating good food and drinking good wine :yahoo:
    ...but no computer, no PF and no carrying my bbags. I was having serious withdrawal by the end of the trip. Poor me:crybaby: !!!
    Anyway now I have to go catch up on the things I missed!! I also have the urge to run out and buy a bag. XXXOOO
  2. welcome bacccckk..wowwww beach!!!!!! hope you had a blast!!!:yahoo:
  3. hi! have a nice holiday on the beach :P
    whenever i'm on holidays i always bring 1 or 2 of my b-bags, and whenver i had a chance to go out to clubs at night, at least i have my first to go with me :P
  4. Welcome back, macp6! :flowers: Hope you had a lovely holiday! A bunch of the F 06s have been trickling into stores and some lucky PFers have already bought some and kindly posted their pics up for us to drool over! :heart: Have fun catching up! :smile:
  5. Welcome back mac.... :yahoo:!! Hope you had nice holidays. And now .... enjoy all the interesting posts on the PF :tender::love:
  6. Welcome Back Mac!!! Hey- it rhymes! LOL I know- I was off the PF for only 24 hrs and that seemed like a lifetime!:lol:
  7. lol! you vacay sounds FANTABULOUS! I need me one of those! we missed you! ;) welcme back to overspending anonymous :wlae:
  8. wwwwwwwweeeeeeeee heeeeeeeeee!!! welcome back!!! yeah get the b-bag fever!!!
  9. LOL! Sounds great but I'm happy that my trip next week is somewhere I can not only carry but BUY b-bags too!
  10. Thanks all for the warm welcome back:smile: . tomorrow I go to the short hills mall to see all the new bags. Yippee!!
  11. Welcome Back!!!!
    Hope you had a wonderful time vacationing in the beach.The hot weather these days makes me want to hang out poolside 24/7. :lol:
  12. Welcome back!!! Sounds like a lovely vacation! :love: