i missed my holy grail again!

  1. :cry: I am SO sorry!!! That's happened to me before too. Infuriating!!! :hysteric:
  2. ^^ Kimair, that totally sucks. Give Auction Sniper (dot) com and try http://auctionsniper.com for next time. That's the service I use when I want to bid on something. You sign up with your eBay username and password and then you set up snipes with the item number and your maximum bid. You don't have to be online and you can forget about it until the results are in. The highest bidder wins, so it's fair even though your bid goes in at the last second.
  3. justsnipe.com also does the same thing with 5 free/week ^^
  4. Sorry to hear that kimair :sad:
  5. sorry....big hugs to you.
  6. Hope you are feeling better... Sorry to hear that
  7. So sorry! Hope another one comes up soon:yes:
  8. *hugs*
  9. Hmmm....I've never heard of that service :confused1: Interesting. Thanks for the tip.:yes:
  10. i missed a evry cute mini purse too some times ago :sad:

    *hugs* dear...
  11. ooh i'm sorry....hope one will come around soon :smile:
  12. i have missed quite a few items on eBay as well....such as the clutch make-up bag, 2002 flat brass first bag, etc....i can understand how u feel...it's jus feelin helpless and disappointed that u are not the winning bidder for that particular item right...sigh.... :rant: :rant:
  13. I use esteal.com - they are great, and it is free. I have used it for about four years. Try them out - it will save you so much time!
  14. you gals are great! thanks so much for the support! :kiss:

    i guess what bugs me most of all is that both bags i missed went for cheap...
    i mean under $500 (and this one only had one bid!)

    thanks realdeal, gymangel812, and lovelygarments for the info on the bidding sites...
    i'm definitely goind to check them out!