I miss the Permanent Collection Items!!!

  1. Does anyone else feel like they can no longer buy things from the Permanent Collection:sad: because you are saving for LE? well I do there are several Items from the permanent collection that I am lusting to have but I just cant do it anymore it's like when I am to the point of buying something im like that $800 could go for a nice LE:graucho: so I don't buy it "sigh" I can't wait till I get through buying the LE on my wish list and get on to splurge on some Permanent Babies:nuts::drool:
  2. I feel the same way! I want 2 limited bags right now for this f/w and of course there is still a few permanent things I want too. So since I don't like the next s/s bags I am going to focus on the permanent items for me next season to make up for it haha!
  3. yeah i used to buy from the perminant lines, and good thing i did cuase MOST of them is discountinued now. but now i don't buy form the perminant lines because i'm always saving for the LE items, especially now knowing tpf! where i know everything le that is ocming out i'm even more interested. and ever since the cerises speedy 2 years ago i got addicted to the le and cruise items cause i feel different and stand outs =)
  4. Ya i want to go back to buying the permanent items.
  5. nope, LE LV stuff rarely appeal to me. I only have one amarante piece if you consider that LE at all. Fortunately I don't like most of Marc Jacobs' designs
  6. lol same here. though i always justify it with "its permanent. it'll be around!" lol
  7. I usually like the LE items more than permanent. I guess because they're so different.
  8. I buy a lot of LE items, but I do buy regular bags too! Sometimes I have to wait a little longer for the regular bags, but that is ok!
  9. Thank God that everything by LV isn't LE.....then we would REALLY be in trouble!!!!
    I'm glad there are things that will forever be permanent!!!!
  10. that's good for you that you don't like the next SS bags and can catch up with the permanent lines, but I do like the SS bags:sweatdrop: so I guess im gonna use the time from the fall items and untill the spring bags are released but I want 2 SS bags and 1 fall bag:sad: so I guess no permanent Items for me anytime soon...
  11. yeah not all LV it's LE but alot of items/colors get discontinued and get price increases:tdown:
  12. well I am glad im not the only one

    and cool my LV/LE bug started with the Cereses too...
  13. Yeah, I felt that way "oooh LE, must have", then I still find myself wanting some of the permanent ones, so for the price of an LE I could buy at least a bag and a wallet ... so I just go with the permanent since i get more use out of them anyway. My LE gets used a few times, then it's in the closet. The magic goes away for me after a while which is very dissappointing to me.:shrugs:
  14. I know exactly what you mean. I have had so many bags from the permanent collection go down in priority on my wishlist. I feel as if I am trying to catch a fast-moving bag train and I am seriously running behind and calling, "Wait up, wait up!" LOL
  15. I always try to do LE over perm ( I learnt the hard way) but if I liked the perm more I'd go for it, then of course something that always got put on the back burner gets disc. and I'm like OH NO!!!! now what!