I miss the Brownie points system

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  1. Isn't there some way to bring back the reputation points without it being a popularity contest? Perhaps if one can remain anonymous unless posting a negative? I think that would at least make people think twice about being catty to each other. Whats wrong with encouraging friendliness towards one another? Any other ideas/suggestions?
    Am I beating a dead horse? A live cow? A goat on life support?
  2. LOL! Yes, you kind of are beating a dead horse. This has been posted and reposted about.

    Give Vlad some time, he's not even getting to enjoy his vacation much.
  3. Don't forget, a lamb in an iron lung ! :lol: (poor baby)
  4. vacation? is he back from the alps? okay, he can take some much needed time off.
  5. ROFL!!!! good one!
  6. No, he's been trying desperately to relax and he can't because he has to keep checking in here to babysit :sad:
    He's not back yet.
  7. To Vlad - ENJOY YOUR VACA!! The moderators are holding it down.

    RELAX and ENJOY!!!!!!!
  8. Yes Vlad - please step away from the computer!
  9. I have an idea regarding the points:
    1. Make them all ONLY positive points that may be awarded..

    2. All posts (positive, of course) must not be anonymous...all names will show up, in other words.

    This way, only positive energy will go around and we will know who gave us that positive energy...what do you think??
  10. This way, only positive energy will go around and we will know who gave us that positive energy...what do you think??[/quote]

    I think you deserve a point.
  11. The points caused too many issues and too many "why red?" "give me green" sort of threads... We will come back to it at some point and decide what to do!

    And yes, poor Vlad. He is desperately trying to vacation but needing to go to the internet cafe with only 1 computer and a time allowance of 15-20 minutes to fix all the problems...

  12. I think you deserve a point.
    In the words of Goofy:

    "Awww shucks!"
  13. How about points ONLY go to Vlad when we want to give them? :P
  14. ^ Vlad needs quite a few points right now...


    Along with the rest of the lovely Mods who have been busting their butts!
  15. Vlad, you get a cake from me!!!

    I always tell BF "Why brownies? Here, here's a cake for you. Bigger and better than brownie."
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