I miss some of our friends on the LV forum

  1. I know this isnt about LV in such but it is about the LV forum.

    Well Ive noticed that some members who posted alot last year/early this year in the LV forum have gone/disappeared, I really miss them. I dont really want to name them all but I know there were quite a few regulars who have not posted for months, I wonder were they are ??. I know they probably could be busy but sometimes it isnt the same without them. I tried to see when they last logged on but I couldnt. I didnt chat to them alot through PM but I know that they allways posted nearly everyday.

    Has anyone else felt this too ?.
  2. Yes, I've been wondering where some people have gone....maybe to other brands. I worry that something has happened in their lives as well. Hopefully, they're all OK!
  3. yes I was thinking the same but Ive been looking (not snooping haha :p) and they havent made any posts recently, some not for months. I just wonder how they are, Some I chatted alot to on here. I miss them
  4. Steve, people will come and go, especially during the summer... ;)
  5. I felt that way in teh coach forum... Actually some got banned and went on to another forum. But after they left- I never hada problem with them in the first place-- but it wasn't the sme and it was really slow over there?
  6. Yup, I feel the same :yes: .... I guess a lot of people have left for the summer, while other definitely have wandered to other brands (yup, I'm talking directly to YOU, Miss NOLA from Finland!!!! :p just kidding, luv ya! :heart:)
  7. I know just what you mean it may be good to post names of the people you miss some of us may know what happened why they are MIA, I know there have been a lot of babies lately
  8. I guess that's normal on forums, but I'm with ya~ it's sad not seeing familiar ids anymore
  9. there has been a bit of a PF baby boom recently.
    i had noticed people dissapearing recently. and 1 or 2 people banned.
    iv been posting in the hermes section recently.
  10. Hi,
    I've come and gone the past few months. And I've missed coming here everyday. I know I will never forget about this place. From March until now, I started to come back on here. Its been busy. Personal things happened the past few months, been busy with work. ect. And I went to LV yesterday, and bought something, a Damier Pochette :tender: I love knowing the new things that are coming out.

    (Hi Addy!!!!!!!!!!)

  11. I hope it isn't catching LOL!!

  12. Hiya pearl! :nuts: Did you get the regular or the Mini?

    Can you make it to the Banff tPF meet? :graucho:
  13. LOL. exactly what I was thinking :sweatdrop: Not exactly what I'm planning for the next 60+ years.... :p
  14. I am kinda new to this forum, I usually am in Chanel , gucci, I used to post alot in Marc jacobs, I see alot of people I remeber posting alot in all of the forums have been banned. I hope that never happens to me:crybaby::s
  15. I had noticed that, but someone had jumped to other brands...and I didn't post for a month, but I'm back now.