I miss perle....

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  1. ALWAYS Always wanted the perle sunset... I wonder if there are any left... but, will stay focused on Melrose... but, now the only sunsets are very dark...gorgeous but dark, I think there needs to be a light sunset....
  2. melrose is soooooo gorgeous.
  3. ^^^ okay girl. This thread needs to be closed. I'm focusing on the Melrose... thanks Louis and Mark...lol...
  4. :lol:
  5. This is a weird thread!!!
  6. They did a white sunset blvd had no idea now that would be pwetty! how is it with colour transfer? did this colour suffer the yellowing problem?
  7. how long has the perle been discontinued for?
    i was in the boutique the other day and when i left.. i saw a perle ZCP in the display window! i was so shocked cos i didn't think there was anything left in that colour.

    i think it wouldnt hurt to ask ur SA to see if she/he can locate a perle sunset for u. there might still be perle stuff floating around an LV basement somewhere around the world haha
  8. ^ Zippy Coin Purse ??!! I thought Perle was discontinued before they introduced the ZCP.
  9. I love the colour perle. Definitely one of my favourites when it comes to vernis and I'm also regretting not getting a sunset boulevard. I'm also kicking myself for not getting a french purse. One of these days, when I have the time, I'm going to call every store in Canada and see if anybody has any perle items laying around :biggrin:. Do you suppose they will bring out the sunset boulevard in that new pink colour that's showcased in the cruise collection?
  10. I as well wish LV would introduce some beautiful light colour and produce Sunset boulevard in that colour. I'm not really a fan of vernis but Sunset boulevard is really pretty :love: