I miss Paris!

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  1. Just wanted to drop this note that I really miss Paris!!! :crybaby:

    I love the little cafés, great restaurants, walking around Fabourg St. Honoré, visiting the wonderful Hermès boutiques, taking a stroll around town, people watching, browsing through the books at Shakespeare & Co. bookstore, and just enjoying this wonderful city!!! :love:
  2. I miss Paris too. I wish I could live there. It is the most beautiful city in the world.
  3. with rude people - many personal experiences.
  4. Me too - I love Paris!
  5. Wow, sorry to hear that, we had only two experiences that were negative...
    both with cab drivers and only one was actually French. We could not believe now hands down nice everybody was. It was the trip of a lifetime. The SA at Louis Vuitton at Lafayette was the sweetest little Frenchgirl we met on the entire trip! I look back with fond memories when I carry my Damier Alma...

    Can't wait to go back!!!:yes: :yes:
  6. I love Paris. Can't wait to go back there next May with my mother---she's never been! I've asked DH to strategically look for hotels near Hermes on 24 Faubourg. :graucho: Aside from Hermes, we are planning to go to the Sorbonne and see what we can dig up on my grandfather there; he was there as one of Madame Curie's students in the 1910s so it's going to be a very meaningful trip to the City of Lights.
  7. oh, i wish i can visit soon.......just a few days ago, we actually contemplated on pushing through the plan and leave after christmas and spend new year's eve there but OB's call was to stay put. well, i can't contest that.

    and our feng shui master say i can't travel either.....oh well. i'll just have to live through all your wonderful paris stories until i get the go-signal! :girlsigh:
  8. OMG, I miss Paris too!! Everyone was soo nice, no one was rude to us..
  9. Eh, there are rude people everywhere, but everyone always seems to single France out, I never understood that.

    I love Paris. France is just an all around beautiful country... hmph, just got back from a vacation and now I just want to plan another one!
  10. I think people are rude, at first.....like we say "you have to break the ice"
    go pass the icy facade, and then people light up.
    Well most of them, some are just plain rude, especially if you are truly nice (=just a tourist, idiot).
    But usually it´s about money, if they feel you´re gonna spend big $$, of course they are gonna be nice !!!
    I travelled many countries and maybe abroad they were charmed by my french accent but Paris was the place I was treated the worst. There are some codes and you need to learn them !
    Good book to read : "a year in the merde" , story of a british guy who moves to Paris, everything he says is so true, hilarious !!!
    But of course I still LOVE the city.
  11. I've never been there..but i hope to go there soon!
  12. oops double post.
  13. Me too! I miss having breakfast at Angelina's, the amazing museums, the fabulous food. Hermes was amazing! Loved it. Also had a picnic in the Rodin Musuem's garden. I thought people were perfectly lovely and very forgiving of my terrible French language skills.
  14. I miss Paris sooo much too, can't wait to go back someday. everytime I look at my Birkin I think of Paris and the wonderful honeymoon we spent there...
  15. I've been travelling to Paris for 20 years and never met a rude Parisiene - I am going in April and feel just as excited as I did the first time - once it is in your blood, it is there to stay!!!