I *MISS* Paris...and "what I DIDN"T Bring Home with me.....

  1. Sorry, some more pics of Paris, and what I didn't and couldn't bring home with me.

    Just wanted to share a little. Just getting over the jet lag.:yucky:

    I had the MOST FANTASTIC TIME THERE with my DH.

    Here are items I couldn't pack with me....:crybaby:



  2. Here are some pics inside Pierre Hermes, though Laduree was just as yummy and not as rich....but no complaints here!!


  3. This is how I was feeling today....

  4. Definitely couldn't bring this home....It was "NOT FOR SALE"....maybe that's just what they told me:crybaby:

  5. Nice pics. Thanks. Well, did you come home with anything?
  6. Ohhh..wish I was there :girlsigh: Love the pics!
  7. Haha, HG. I was just going to ask "What DID come home with you?"
  8. DH and I arrived and the first thing we did was to get our Metro passes, and walked back to our hotel near the Arc. We actually passed by THE store....HERMES, FSH!! Took lots of pics of the windows that some of the other lovely tPFer's already shared with us.

    Monday we do some sightseeing, and get to FSH at 11am. It was tremendously crowded, and Bags were being sold LEFT AND RIGHT. :sweatdrop: I was a little dismayed, but stuck it out, and DH and I found a lovely SA to help. I wanted to try on different bags that my DH hadn't seen before, b/c incase I ever encounter one at another place and time....I know what he thinks. He is a GREAT sounding board for me. So Bolides, Evelyne GMs, Massais, Paris-Bombays, etc. come out, and he wasn't really drooling.....then:idea: I remember the Constance.

    The Constance is the first Hermes bag that got me drooling for this brand.

    Asked and she took one out. DH WAS HOOKED!!

    Constance was Fushia Chevre GHW med. size...and BEAUTIFUL!! He said it wasn't "practical, but it was HOT!"

    I said..."not quite"...."no pitterpatter in the heart or stomach"...."maybe, but...no":sad: .......

    DIDN"T COME HOME WITH THIS....................
  9. TRL and HG....are you going to throw me some BILLS $$$ so that I may go back again....SOON:p

    Forgot to mention, that my first impression on going inside the store was EXCITEMENT, but not what I expected. I was expecting REALLY HIGH ceilings, but it was clean, simple, and lower ceilings. There were colorful bags being displayed and Kellys, Lindys, etc. Got to see the Croc Birkin 35cm with Diamonds. LOL...DIDN"T COME HOME WITH THAT, either.
  10. I am dying to go back. Looks like my next trip will be in November. Ra!
  11. anHL...yeah!!! Gorgeous Paris pics!!! Will you be adding an Hermes "trophy" photo???
  12. Okay, where was I...I'm going to have to go to the Library soon, and to find a Suit for my oldest.....

    Monday night...DH and I walk on George V to the Seine, and see the Eiffel Tower lit up. Guess what we saw...Hermes at George V.

    So on to Tuesday...we go to Notre Dame...walk up to see the Bell Tower, and right on the dot...DH BRINGS ME BACK TO FSH!!:nuts: I love this man....he knew I wanted to fit it in, and go back possibly for the CONSTANCE.

    Got there and again...CHAOS!! SA's and customers hustling and bustling. They tried to locate my SA from yesterday, and she was MIA. I thought...maybe she knew it was me, and didn't want to see me.:sad:

    Well, she was located, saw me, GREETED ME WITH A BIG SMILE....and asked that I wait a minute.

    Asked for the Constance and Massai again, and she pulled out 5 boxes.:yes:

    Constances were the Fushia from yesterday, a small red VIF box, a LG. Black Box (LOVED THIS ONE, THOUGHT IT was the one), and ......two more boxes:confused1:

  13. WOW- that ostrich JPG is something else! :drool:
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  15. Yay anHL! I wonder if were there at the same time! Wow, we could have had ourselves a mini-TPF gathering over there. Can't wait to see what you came home with!