I miss my Papillon already! (ebay sale) Boo hoo.

  1. Hi
    I feel sad. . . my Papillon 26 sold on eBay, so I packed her up and sent her from the post office. I really should feel happy that it sold so quickly. It was beautiful. Could not keep it because I bought other LV pieces, really and I don't have a lot of room. I always go through this, my purses are like children, so unless there is one I got stuck with, I always feel depressed after I mail off a bag I really love.:crybaby:
    Anybody out there who can relate to this?
  2. my Mono Wapity listing ends tomorrow, and even though i'll be happy to sell it, i have to say i wouldn't mind not selling it either :P
  3. Yes, I can understand that. I've not sold any LV yet, but I have given lots of other (much cheaper!) bags and clothes and things to charity shops and it is weird and sad to see them for sale a few days later.
    But think of the reception your pap will receive when she is unwrapped by her new owner!:nuts:
  4. Aww I'm sorry.
    I've never sold anything because each and every piece means something to me so I COULDN'T unless I had to.
    I did have a dream about it once..I'd sold some sort of vernis bag and I wanted to tell the winner it wasn't for sale anymore because I'd started remembering the day I got it lol.
  5. I've never sold any of my bags because I don't think I could part with them. I'm sure a new bag will come along soon though that will make you forget all about the papillon!
  6. Aww...Just look at your other items and you'll feel better.
  7. ^^I agree. It is hard to let go at first
  8. Yes, I bought about 3 really cute Fendi baguettes in the early 2000's when they were popular due to Sex in the City. I put one on E-bay about 2 months ago and then quickly took it off, cause when I bought them it was a great and fun time in my live and I wanted to remember those times...
  9. Hmm... I sell my lv's whenever I get bored of them and yet i still miss them at first.

    But a couple days after its sold I realized its the right choice.
  10. Gee, thanks!
    Cuz what happens is I wind up getting another, and repeat the whole cycle. This one was really nice, but that's due to not being used a lot, and I don't have much space. After all, it wasn't my one and only, because I still have 5 Speedys, a keepall, a pochette and Petit Bucket and some wallets. So I can't camplain that I am deprived. But still, it was a beautiful piece, I love that one, maybe a 30 would have suited me better. Oops, different topic.:yes:
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