I miss my Paddy...

  1. I bought a Silver paddington from LVR and after a couple of months the silver started to rub off and there was this bright-ish orange color leather underneath. Well I contacted LVR and they contacted Chloe and I was allowed to send the bag back for replacement, that was around the end of August.

    I still haven't heard back from them other than that my return is in process, and they can't tell me anything.My bag arrived in Paris on August 28th. I'm carrying a silverado while I'm without my paddington, but it's just not the same.

    At this point I wish I just had my silver paddinton back- even WITH the peeling color. :sad:
  2. I am so sorry- I know the delay is awful! But just think, soon you will have that gorgeous bag in your hands and it will be so perfect this Fall and Winter! It will definitely be worth the wait!
  3. I'm sorry hun, waiting is the worst. :sad: Try to think about how happy you're going to be when she comes home to you!!
  4. Chloe actually close down production for the whole of August :rolleyes: (I know, nice work if you can get it!), so I am sure it is being sorted now :yes: , but obviously the backlog would have held it up abit more than usual.

    One of my padlocks broke and I am still waiting for it back and I sent it end of August too. Dont worry, I am sure it will not be too much longer now. :smile:
  5. Thanks Jag, Audrey & Chloe-Babe for the encouraging words- I just need to think about how wonderful it'll be to have a Paddy again when it finally arrives. This probably sounds pathetic, but I just don't feel as good when I'm not carrying my Paddington. I don't think I've ever been as attached to a particular bag as I am to my Paddy.

    Chloe-Babe, sorry to hear about your lock, I hope it arrives soon!
  6. I know how you feel... I don't think I've ever had an attachment to any of my bags the way I have to my paddys. :love:
  7. I sent a bag to Paris via the London Chloe store on 1st April to have the lock repaired...I got it back at the end of May!
  8. Awww...hope you get your baby back soon!
  9. I know how you feel... I left my black Paddy at home when I came out to school and now I'm cursing every bag cos none are the size, look and feel of the Paddy. :hysteric::crybaby:

    I hope you get yours back soon!
  10. Any news on the return of your bag??