I miss my mousse paddy delivery this morning.

  1. So I have to wait for fedex to call me to see if they can redeliver. or else I have to wait till 6 to pick it up :sad: .. they came at 8am. which is way too early for me. I can't wait to show you guys pics.
  2. They did the same thing to me! I called and asked them to redeliver that day and they did.
  3. hahaha.. I messed up my spelling.. I meant MISSED
  4. >.< Argh, that happens to me on Sat! I missed my Balenciaga City pewter delivery and I've to wait till Mon morning (cause the PO is closed on Sun).

    Anyway, can't wait for your pics! I love mousse!
  5. That happened to me last week, its really annoying when you're waiting for something great because your just dying to have it in yours hands! It was really bad for me because i cant drive so i couldnt get to the pick up station and theres no public transport where i live either! Luckily my mum agreed to take me at the end of the week but i agree the waiting is horrible, i hope you get it soon!!! (then we can all see pics ;) )
  6. Kylie, I can't wait to see pics of your new mousse! I love FedEx because they come early...means I don't have to wait! But they do tend to wake me up, unless it's an early teaching day.

    Chidzuyo, I can't wait to see your pewter bag, also!!! I just ordered the bronze. Where did you find yours?