I miss my LV.....sniff, I need just one what should it be??

  1. So in the last 2 years, I have pretty much sold ALL of my LV bags on eBay (I kept my pochette accessories, wallets, etc.) because I had a Chanel obsession. I am really missing having at least ONE mono bag and I am torn between the BH or a Speedy 25. I love them both and they both fit all of my stuff well. I can't decide which one to get? I REALLY want to get the BH and a speedy 25 in the Azur.....but I really need to be good :graucho: . So between the BH and Speedy 25 which should I get??? Thanks fellow enablers!
  2. Well Azur Speedy 25 isn't a Mono but I say get it anyways!
  3. err .. tough choice, both are great bags! since one has a strap, and the other u have to carry .. what suits u better? .. i truly :heart: them both .. haha! .. but i say .. speedy in the azur. so pretty for summer =) .. but if you want the classic mono, get the bh. haha .. i'm so no help! i :heart: them both! tough decision, good luck girl! :smile:
  4. I'd go for the classic..BH. It'll go with everything .
  5. Speedy 25 - mono or azur - both nice.
  6. I vote for a speedy too!!
  7. I love my BH. I use it probably 60-75% of the time. It is very functional and is a great price. If you need to carry a lot and need to be hands free choose the BH.

    I also have 2 Speedy 25s and love them too but they're not very practical for my lifestyle (kids).
  8. i love the speedy so i vote speedy
  9. i saw speedy too!!! azur is soo pretty
  10. i would go for the BH.
  11. I vote speedy, it's such a classic bag. It's been around for so long and it's one of the most popular style from LV. You can't go wrong with this one.
  12. since you love both but can't really get both, it would depend with which one you are more comfortable with- handheld or shoulder :smile:
  13. I'd get a Speedy.
  14. Bh!
  15. Since you just said that you wanted a mono bag. I say go with the BH. And then get the speedy later