I miss my infini.. Please help..

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  1. #1 Feb 22, 2014
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    Hi LV lovers.. I really need your help. I didnt know if its a mistake or not, but last month i sold my infini and now i cant get it anymore. Here is the story.. I have artsy empriente infini and i never use it. Its too heavy for me. So i decided to sell and i want to replace my collection with speedy empriente 30 in infini. Now i cant get it, all store sold out for size 30. Size 25 is too small for me. Speedy 30 only left in aurore and orient. I have hermes lindy in orange, I dont want another orange bag.
    My SA said black empriente will come next week, but i love infini so much. I have lots of black bags. I like black bag, currently i have hermes kelly in black, hermes lindy in black, chanel maxi caviar in black, chanel reissue in black, goyard in black, balenciaga city in black, mulberry alexa in black, mulberry dorset in black, 4 prada in black, proenza schouler ps1 in black and mcm backpack in black.. Do you think i still need another black bag ? Or just grab aurore ? Please help me..

    Memory of my infini.. Together with her sister, metis in celeste.. Ooh im so sad now.. :sad: :sad: :sad:
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  3. Sorry to hear that. Maybe look at the pre loved market. You will find the speedy30 in infini pop up.
  4. I think you need some "color" to add in your current collection. Aurore is a very pretty color :smile:
  5. Have you tried calling the 866 number??

  6. Thank you.. But i prefer new bag.. :smile:

  7. My mom advice me the same. She said i had too much of black bags. Need to add another color. Thanks for your opinion. :smile:

  8. I am not in US. I tried to call my local store and they dont have it. :sad:
  9. How about the cobalt Sofia Coppola? My husband ordered cobalt for me when he surprised me with my SC but I have and adore my infini citadine. The colors are nearly identical so I had to go with a different color. I didn't want my beloved citadine go unused.
  10. Go online, select your country and there should be a contact number. They check all stores in the country for you usually. Well, this is true with the UK anyway

  11. I dont have any SC yet.. And at the moment i am not into it. I love empriente leather. Thank you for your opinion. :smile:

  12. We have 5 local store and all sold out. I dont think i can buy online. I called LV and they said at the moment they dont have any stock for infini 30.

  13. Best of luck finding a emp speedy in infini or another color if you go that route.
  14. What do you think about aurore ? Black or aurore ?
  15. I think a pop of color would be great for your collection, maybe neige or orient! Hmm...did you sell your artsy empreinte on Yoogis?