I miss my gym!!!!!! (there is a reason i'm not freak)

  1. As you all know i have recently lost a great deal of wieght (from my before and after thread) and today was my last vist to my gym, my membership is finishing on monday (and its a public holiday so its closed) I joined the gym with a friend and its and hour each way from my house i had been going for the last three months and now i realize it wasnt very efficent becase of the travel involved (it took 4 hours to do a 2 hour workout) and due to this i chosse not to renew it instea im going to go to a local gym. Today i took my time and embraced everything, it was sad when i was leaving i mean this was the place that i lost all my weight at and now i am new person, a part of me belongs at this gym and now i will never go back! I know this sounds crazy and i thought i would never want to return to the gym but i made friends with all the workers and becuas eof the above i feel attached does anyone understand?:shame:
  2. Yeah, I understand!
    I just had a tummy tuck {twin boys ruined me! LOL} and I out my membership on freeze for a month. It's only been 2 weeks TODAY and I'm DYING to go back!
    Can you go to one clsoer to home?
    If you were in the habit of going, it'd be such a shame for you not to continue to do so!
  3. yeah im going to join a different gym but i feel attached to this one becuase that where i lost a great deal of wieght, i know it odd that is like this for me!
  4. No it's not!
    You had a major life change there, it's completely reasonable! ;)
  5. I totally understand!!!! I had a great bond with my gym in the UK...for 4 years I was there everyday...the owner was my trainer and he was also my fitness guru...he formed and molded me, educated me, pushed me, (which sometimes made me want to punch him) but it was a wonderful journey and I miss him and the staff, and the regulars at that gym terribly. I live in the states now...(and after my dad died I gained weight...urghhh) but...I get what you are feeling..I think maybe look at your new gym as a place to begin new fitness goals.. the body you are now and want to strengthen etc...you will find someone to bond with there and it will take on a new meaning to you. That gym will always be special to you as will the people...make sure and pop in occasionally...and try and enjoy where you are going now. ... :smile:
    It BROKE my heart to leave my gym...I was there the day it opened...and watched it take off...so I understand....if I could move them all here I would!!!
  6. yay someone understands how i feel thats such good news to me! yeah i think ill vist it once a month or so just to keep up with the people and reflect on what a big impact it had been on my life
  7. You will never forget the inspiration Im sure you received there...that is awesome. All you have to do is look in the mirror and remember all the hours you spent there!!! Right now...Im about to go away to a fitness spa for nine weeks (to lose the weight from dads death) Im so ready...and Im so excited to meet the people that are going to experience this journey with me this summer...Im sure in August I will have the same feelings you are ...(AGAIN!) Hopefully I will keep in shape this time. No one else better die in my life damn it. :smile: