I MISS MY CHANEL!! its at home, but I am not!

  1. I'm a college student who just got her first Chanel bag. I had my lovely purse at school ever since I got it, but last weekend I took it a bulk of my things home since winter break was approaching. Now I'm having separation anxiety from my beauty... I know I'll be home in like 20 hours... but seeing pictures of everyone's purses has made me miss mine more! Ahh are there any tips to appease this terrible longing for my purse?
  2. I get like this when I choose the wrong bag to carry. Unfortunately theres not much you can do, but 20 hours isn't so bad, maybe you can sleep through some of them? :shame:
  3. yes.. or take 2 finals :sad:
  4. This too shall pass....

  5. why don't get a new Chanel in the meanwhile :graucho:? (oh,just a simple enabling tip hehe) have a nice time during winter holidays btw!:yes:
  6. lolx... sleep on it.. always make everything better!!!
  7. Darling take a nice bath, watch some TV and read a nice magazine and relax the next 19 hours.

    You'll see her soon!:heart:
  8. see some fashion magazines where u can OOH and AHH ing couple of clothing items :p