I miss my Celine mini luggage

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  1. :crybaby:

    I miss my Celine mini luggage bag that I decided to returned because it was the taupe color and I was afraid of getting it dirty. I've only had it for a month and there were a lite stain from rubbing on my jeans AND plus the mini luggage was just way to BIG for my small frame (5ft tall) So, sadly I decided to return it back and I haven't been able to get my hands on another pair....preferably a micro luggage.

    So, now i'm just drooling over pictures of PF
  2. I'm confused..you used your bag for a month and THEN returned it..?
  3. Sadly, yes. When I bought it I didn't realize that the light color would get "stained" from my jeans or any other dark color...reds,indigos & blacks. I would hate for that to happen especially knowing how much I spent on the bag. I asked my SA lady to find me any other color other then white or taupe.
  4. I had the same issue w/my Balenciaga bag but i kept that bag
  5. Are you saying that they took the bag back with the stain after you used/owned it for a month?

    If this is the case.....I don't agree with this.
    You chose the color so I'm not understanding why the store/vendor should be the one to suffer for your decision? I own a business so please understand that I'm looking at this from that point of view. Nothing personal....jmo.
  6. Always think that once you get a bag, it is doomed to be yours. It was born to be yours.

    Try to love it and protect it if you have another chance
  7. Well...the only comment I have about returning a high end purchase after using it for a whole month is (unless it was clearly a manufacturer defect) you definitely shouldn't make a practice of it. That's all I'll say about that.

    But if you are looking for a micro - there are some new ones on Bonanza. I just saw smooth black, navy, lipstick red and citron micros.
  8. I cannot believe the sa took it back...
  9. I dread to think who they're going to palm it off on, if the bag is even fit for resale.
  10. I don't have a habit of returning my bags. I purchased it thru Nordstroms and I did ask my SA lady first if she has any products I can use to clean it off or even protect it. She suggested not to use any protecter on it cuz she can't guarantee that it wouldn't ruin the leather. SHE was the one who suggested I return it and that she was going to help me find one that I will enjoy.

    I also bought my Balenciaga thru Nordstrom and had the same issue....I still have the bag.
  11. Let hope that your bag won't get back on any Nordstrom display shelf for an unsusceptible customer. The right thing for them to do is to damage out the bag.
  12. ^ this. If the sa wants to do the customer a surprising favour and accept the used bag back then I guess its the stores right/responsibility ... ) but they shouldnt try to sell it on to some other unfortunate person. Hopefully this doesn't happen :smile:
  13. Pandora11... I'm assuming they wouldn't do that.

    Porpentine, THANK YOU for your comment. It seems like I'm getting bashed for something that my SA suggested I do. I've been buying my bag from her and because I'm a loyal customer she did something nice for me.
  14. I am so sorry this happened! That's why I drool on those light colors Luggage, such as Dune and White, but only dare to own darker colors. Which color did you return? Do you have an idea to get what color to replace it? Your SA is great! I would stick with her. 2013 S/S is about to come out so there may be there will be more choices and availabilities for you soon.
  15. Hardly. Some of us simply fail to see the point you are driving at in your first post. You were not sold a defective bag so you can't expect indignation on your behalf; you were not mistreated by an SA so you can't expect sympathy; you have the good fortune of meeting an exceptionally compliant SA so it seems like you don't need further assistance looking for another, more suitable bag. Many TPFers here have gone through a fair bit, including long waits, to land a Celine bag which they treasure, or if they have second thoughts about, return fairly quickly without having used it. You've not only used it, but stained it, and still managed to return it - a classic case of having your cake and eating it too. Expressions of bewilderment to this intriguing chronology of events are hardly antagonistic.