I miss my bunnies so much...

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  1. Okay so I had 2 bunnies and I really miss them. Makes me so sad looking at photos of them. Recently I have really been thinking about getting another. However my only problem is that I live in a small place and would only get 1 bunny. I know it is better to get them in pairs cos they can keep each other company. I was thinking about a mini-lop because of their affectionate temperments.

    Does anyone here have just 1 bunny? How is he/she holding up? Any advice or should I just drop the whole idea and not get another bunny at all? Because I would rather not get one on it's own if it is going to be cruel.
  2. I forgo to mention that even thought I live alobe the bunny won't be left alone most of the time. Oh and is there anyone in Melbourne that can recommend a breeder of mini-lops?
  3. I used to have a bunny. I agree that getting 2 of them is best because they do get lonely. My bunny was lonely all the time and I would play with her to keep her entertained.
  4. I have just one bunny. I'd love to get another but it's just not an option for me right now. That said he really enjoys being on his own, obviously he loves having me around rather than being alone-alone, but he doesn't seem to mind not having other bunny company.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I was hoping you would reply omgblonde, I had a feeling that you had 1 lone bunny from your posts in the other thread. I spoke to a few breeders and they said the same thing, it's preferable to have 2 but 1 is fine as well. Having 1 I will be able to give it all the attention in the world and hopefully it will bond to me like a little doggie.
  6. Yeah I think as long as you have a few hours every day to spend with your bunny he or she should be fine! Honey's never seemed lonely of anything.
  7. I have 3 bunnies, but they don't get along at all, so they are all separated from one another. My sister and I were really hoping to bond at least two of them, but it did not work out. And, we tried everything. So maybe having one bunny is not such a bad thing.