I miss my bf....

  1. He's in Hawaii right now with his sister's family. His sister invited me to go, but I can't use up 52 hours of my vacation time because I'm going to the Philippines in October. They left on Saturday, and I've been working since then. I was so lonely on Saturday that I ended up surprising my parents by going to their house for the day. Today is my first day off from work, and I'm home alone. Don't know what to do with myself. :crybaby:
  2. aww sorry u feel so bad.i know how u feel ..when my dh goes away for work i'm inconsolable!! maybe u can go do something u like to do that u never get to do normally??
  3. yeah...i think i'm going to go shopping today. that always makes me feel better!
  4. Aww. I agree with PrincessMe take advantage of it and do something you want to do. I would go shopping or read a book, go to the park, out to lunch.
  5. Awww.. I'm so sorry for you! I know the feeling! BTW, you're filipino? I miss Philippines!!