I miss my bags!!!

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  1. We are moving back to NY from Hong Kong, which I am ecstatic about, but the movers came and took all of my bags!!! I wont see them for almost a month ....

    They also took my cats ....

    I pray the cats get home safe and the Chanels too!!
  2. We will all pray for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i wish for a safe move for your cats and bags .. may they all come back to NY safe and sound!
  4. Good Luck with the move... Prefer New York to HK.. Dont u!?
  5. Hope your cats and bags have a safe trip home!! Best wishes!
  6. Hope the times flies until you're reunited with your kitties and your bags!
  7. That's a long move. Hope everything goes smoothly.
  8. Good luck with the move.
  9. How long will it be till you see your cats?
  10. My kitties are safe and sound in a kennel in NY!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so happy but i miss them SOOOO much....I will get to see them when I arrive home on Dec 21st but i have to leave them in a kennel until I find a place to live!!!

    My bags - my chanels and other uber-expensive treasures hopefully in two weeks but I also have other not-as-expensive prada's, fendi's and stuffs that i wont see for weeks....
  11. Hang in there..
    We'll trust all will go smooth for you :smile:
  12. awww, i would miss my bags and pets too. hope everything gets there smoothly!
  13. well i went to Chanel in HK for the last time ... my SA is so sweet -- I gave her a Christmas present and bought a classic in navy patent - gorgeous!!! And they gave me make up products as a farewell present ... oh I am going to miss that store ... still have no idea where my bags are .....but my babies are in the kennel safe and sound ... thank god.