I miss my babies!

  1. I didn't take them to Toronto with me, because although my apartment allows pets, I know they wouldn't be happy in the carrier or in my apartment. (And they're not too fond of car rides, either!)

    I called my dad earlier today and my dad held the phone towards Willie and he started rubbing against it and purring!

    They're living with my parents now (where they've lived since they were kittens and I know they'll be well-taken care of).

    Just being away from them tears my heart out! I started crying when Willie was 'on the phone' and I cried when my dad sent me an e-mail and told me that Louis keeps batting at people's feet, as if to ask where I am.
  2. Awwww :sad: I'm sorry! How long will it be until you can see your babies again?
  3. Thanksgiving. (I'm trying to get home for it. If I can't, there's always Christmas.)
  4. Awww,that's too cute.Hung in there.....before you know it'll be October and then November, so you shall be reunited with your babies soon.The winter months always seem to go by fast especially September and October.
  5. aww thats soo sad. hang in there, hun.
  6. dont' be upset.. (((HUGS)))

    you'll see them soon! cheer up!