I Miss my B-Bag Pals!!!

  1. This is killing me ... the "ban" that my workplace has imposed on my ability to be able to get into tPF and contribute to my favorite (and really only) section ... :crybaby:[BOO HISS!].

    Just wanted to tell everyone that I miss you all ... and that you've all done such a great job on the new layout!

    So ... just to get everyone up-to-date ... I've been on a "bit" (a-hem) of a B-Bag spree ... let's see:
    1. '06 F/W GRANDE Matelasse in Marron Glace
    2. '06 F/W Black (LARGE) Whistle w/ FAB Lamb Leather
    3. '07 Pre-Fall Rouge City w/ Silver GH
    I'm so bummed because I just found out recently that the "order" that I thought I had put in for the VIOLET GRANDE Matelasse ... never went in. I'm hoping that (maybe) I'll be able to find it when I go overseas at the end of this month and then on holiday in Sept/Oct ... wish me luck!!

    All you YANKS ... have a great 4th and BE SAFE!
  2. That is brutal!!!

    I would die if I coudln't web surf while working: it keeps me sane :blink:

    You have been busy! Lets see some pics!! Esp of the Tomato with GSH :drool:
  3. CeeJay!!! We have missed you around here! and Congratulations on your recent purchases!!! They sound gorgeous!
  4. Great purchases, CeeJay! My problem is that I CAN surf the web while I'm working. I try to set limits so that I will get a certain amount of work done prior to jumping on eBay or tPF, but it can be so hard to resist. I would probably be more productive if I couldn't some here an obsess over bags! :nuts:
  5. congrats! want to see want to see! post pics post pics!
  6. Hey Ceejay! Bummer about the office ban.... I guess they actually want us to work when we're there. :nuts:

    I would looooove to see your 07 rouge w/SHW. :graucho:
  7. ^ Dito! Pics, pics!!!

    It's nice to see you here again ;o) That blog ban @ work really sucks~!
  8. Hey CeeJay! :nuts:

    Where are those pics? :graucho:
  9. Ditto! :p

  10. Ohhh dear 'C' CeeJay, I really miss you and all other guys here b/c I'm in the same boat :crybaby: I just started a new job and will not have the possibility to check tPF around the day :sad: it's so frustrating !
    Thank you so much for letting us know anyway with those good news :tup:.
    All the best to you sweety :tender::love::heart:
  11. Awww, we miss you too!
    Thankfully, I can still use my work computer to log on the forum...I would so hate not to be able to check the updates! And when I'm neither at work nor my home, I have my realiable Blackberry to read all the fantastic threads!!!


    Oh yeah! I'm crossing my fingers for your Violet Matelasse.
    And please, we want pics of your new goodies!!!!
  12. I hope you get your Violet Matelasse! That would be such a beautiful bag. Can't wait to see your new baby!
  13. Hi CeeJay!!!! We have missed you!!! So~ what's the bag count up to now????
  14. I'd like to see pix of your closet pre and post Violet Matelasse. The idea of seeing that Tomato next to the Violet is invigorating - I need a Balenciaga boost!
  15. I totally understand what you mean, Ceejay!

    Since I've started my new summer job, I haven't been able to log on much anymore...

    And even when I can, I don't often post because I'm afraid of being caught on tPF...