I miss Kooba!!!

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  1. I miss talking about all the bags. I miss the excitement of waiting for the new Spring or Fall lines and being in AWE over their beauty. :crybaby:

    I wish they could get their zing back.....

    Anyone else miss them?
  2. I don't know what all the fuss is. I love Kooba in their current state. They have amazing leather and I love their designs.
  3. Yes, some of their bags are ok..but nothing like they used to be! Of course this is all subjective to one's taste. But this forum used to jump and hop with many posts about the bags..not so much anymore, I see. Many of us kind of gave up and moved on to other brands.

    I keep checking Kooba out tho..hoping. ;)
  4. Grace, you are so right, I miss the way Kooba used to be as well. We had such fun on this forum. Dolllover, if you experienced the older Kooba styles, you'd know exactly what we mean. Thick, fantastic quality leather and wonderful styles. Now a lot of them are weird and I see hardly any following on this forum, the forum is dying. I wish Kooba would wow us again so we felt that rush of excitement and didn't know which bag to get next, because we wanted them all! It's hard to be enthusiastic about what Kooba are churning out now. Kooba will go under if they don't improve their offerings.
  5. Yes, it's sad. This forum was filled with A large following of Avid Kooba lovers and we all have moved on. I still miss the Old Kooba but as a savvy purse buyer I won't spend 600.00 on a cheap thin leather. Bring back the Heavy Ada leather, the Thick rugged Terraine leather and Baby, I'm Back!
  6. Hear Hear!!! I was just thinking this the other day when Mini said something similar in another post (think it was Teresa's post). I miss the hell out of this place and the excitement each new season and purchase brought.

    I very recently bought two older styles...one of which just to "visit" with having sold it last year. Is that pathetic or what?? But, I do so because I HAVE tried recent offerings...and while I loved the style the leather was just so different...and for the first time ever...didn't have that signature Kooba leather smell we were all so addicted to. In fact, one of the bags had a ...processed chemical like smell. But you guys all know this. We all went through it.

    It's so funny....this post and the timing of what bag I'm carrying today - my Desert Marcelle! I was feeling nostalgic and drug her out. :heart::heart::heart:
  7. I'm inspired to go get out my bourbon Paige and load her up!

    Oh Kooba, if you're reading, bring back the fabulous bags. Make us swoon with desire again! :graucho:
  8. I like my Talia but I really wish I bought a Brynne. Most of their new styles are kind of strange. I just checked their site and I don't see any Spring styles posted. When are they going to post their new line?
  9. Whoops. Must correct myself. Got the Marcelle in 2007....still past the year the line actually was released.

    Chica1 - Good question!
  10. I'm with you. I miss being here so much, it was such fun. We were all totally Kooba obsessed. It would be interesting if the gang counted how many old style Kooba's we've had/have (including re-buys), the number would be astounding! They have totally lost their luster in recent years, in my opinion, there's just no comparison in style or in quality. I'd take an older season used bag over a brand spanking new one any day!
    OK, mine will be one of the lowest numbers here, but I've had/have = 11
  11. I have purchased and sold three Claudia bags just because the leather smell is absolutely fantastic. How sick is that?
  12. OH my GOD.... I wonder if I ever bought any of yours! LOL! And.... I still have two: one black (best.leather.ever.) one brown suede. And a Farrah I rebought, which is essentially the Claudia with whipstitching instead of studs.

    I'm with you on the scent. God, that classic Kooba leather scent ....opening my desk drawer to take a quick sniff of my Marcelle...... :heart:
  13. Yikes! As scared as I am to really sit down and do this....I may just have to. And then I'll compare it with the last time we all posted our had/haves a year or more ago.

    The number is probably embarassingly astronomical! :faint:
  14. Considering I've never owned a great number of bags, to think I at one point had 11 Koobas is pretty amazing to me...I now have 3 left and I'm not parting with them...Kooba was what brought me to Tpf to chat with all you lovely girls...

    I miss the excitement of a new Kooba collection as well, these days I hardly ever go into their site...
  15. Hey Gals! It feels so nice to see a thread with all of you posting again! :sunshine:

    Remember back in the day when the Kooba threads were mixed in with the regular handbag forum and how exciting it was to get a home of our very own? Those were the days!

    I keep hoping one day the brand will regain the lustre it once had... Ahhh.