I miss holding at a Fedex location club

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  1. If you're anything like me you probably miss the option of being able to hold your Louis Vuitton purchases at a Fedex location near your home. Please share your thoughts here.
  2. can we not do this anymore?
  3. You can TRY. Doubtful it will happen. No one seems to speak English there anymore.
  4. I recently tried to use this option and it wasn't available. I called customer service and they were saying people were stealing the tracking numbers.
  5. After the Christmas disaster when they didn't even TRY to deliver thousands of packages and ended up with lines dozens of unhappy customers long at each hub, it's not a surprise that that service is suspended.
  6. Oh my I forgot about that.
  7. I really liked the convenience of not playing cat and mouse with fedex lol.
  8. I just did that a few weeks ago when my métis was being delivered. I called fedex and said I will not be home because I work when they deliver on my street so they held it and I went to FedEx showed them my DL and had tracking # and they handed it over. Maybe it depends where you are. I'm in NJ.
  9. You know, I think it just changed recently. I loved being able to pick up at Fed Ex. Last time I waited around all day, left for one hour, and (of course) that was when the truck showed up at my house.:upsidedown: I called LV and they would not let Fed Ex hold the package.

  10. That stinks I just got mine a few weeks ago from Saks. That will cause a big problem for me because I'm never home when they deliver. I got my wallet in store at our mall so I guess that's what I'll have to do from now on.
  11. I think so too. I used to do it all the time. They can deliver so late sometimes especially on those days you have something to do.
  12. I agree.... fortunately I am close to the boutique. With the weather here lately though, ordering is SO appealing! Hopefully they will change it back to holding the packages at Fed Ex for us. Are you listening, LV??

  13. I am close also and our neimans has a LV and we have the free standing boutique but a lot of times they are out of things. Then they order for me and of course it's fedex
  14. in short hills, right? i only use the LV in Neimans. customer service is sooooo much better than the store in short hills.

  15. Yes I love Melissa and the store manager at nm. I got my new infini wallet last Friday at LV boutique because nm didn't have it.