I miss Grands Fonds.......

  1. I miss her.....where's she been? Anyone know where our Grands has gone???????? :shrugs:
  2. Oh I just realized I haven't seen her posts for a longgggg time !! I miss her too ! Where are you K ???
  3. Where is she? Now I miss her, too!! I LOVE HER SPUNKINESS!!! She makes my day and makes me LAUGH!!:shrugs:
  4. Is it the races? Or something like that?
  5. ^I think so. If i remember right, couple weeks ago she mentioned she was going to be away for some big horse event..
  6. Miss ya GF!!! :crybaby:
  7. GF,wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying yourself!:wlae: :party:
  8. Oh! I forgot about the races! That's where our girl is......whew. Ok, then.
  9. K is going to here with meeee!!! We're meeting up this Saturday! So, yeah, she'll be here for the races. It's a very busy time for her now coz it's the Spring Racing Carnival (pretty much all of Oct and early Nov).
  10. ^Have a blast you guys!!! :yahoo::yahoo::heart:
  11. Thanks^^^! Hope the weather will hold up! I'm kinda worried going into H with her... the kind of enabling she'll do, I don't think my CC can take that kinda heat.:roflmfao:
  12. LOL she is like a shopmom on your land! It's a very very bad(good) thing!!! :love::lol:
  13. Too right, it is!!!:sweatdrop:
  14. Heeheehee......just get ready, Sue. K is WORSE than I am, if you can believe that!!!! Hear that K????? S....just bring a couple of empty credit cards and you'll be ok......
  15. Oh boy.... :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop: Actually, I've just topped up one CC fully, ready to go! LOL! I knew I shouldn't have done that.. :Push: :roflmfao:
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