I Might've Gone In A Different Direction....

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  1. Prada accessories designer #1: I've got it!! Let's make the new men's spring bag collection in navy nylon with brown leather accents.

    PAD #2: Sounds great! Practical, wearable, and will surely stand the test of time.

    PAD #1: I know, right? But ya know, we have this surplus of tan suede lying around, and Miuccia will be pissed if we don't use it.

    PAD #2: hmm.....maybe we could put it around the top? Handle accents, maybe?

    PAD #1: No, that's stupid.

    I'VE GOT IT!!!!! Let's cover the entire bottom with it!!!! Sure it'll look like crap after the first day of wear, but think of how AMAZING it would look before that.

    PAD #2: I don't think tha-

    PAD #1: SILENCE, FOOL!!!! I am brilliant.


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  2. I like the smaller one they have a lot too!!
  3. I hear you on the suede, as it does get damaged easily, but this is one gorgeous bag!
  4. Putting suede on the bottom does seem inconsistent with the point of using nylon. When we, the consumers, opt for nylon, one of the factors affecting our choice goes to the issue of durability. When suede is involved, especially a light-colored one like the brilliant PAD #1 (love the imaginary exchange BTW!) came up with, durability gets canceled out. Then what's the point of getting the nylon at that price ($1000!?!?) when you can get the all-leather version for a couple $100s more?

    Aaah, now I understand... they had a surplus of the jewels/stones, too? It must have been the same brilliant PAD who decided to put them blings on the beautiful cervos, pitones, rasos, nylons... well pretty much everything.

    Miuccia must be patting her PADs on the back. I hope they use all the surplus this time around. LOL
  5. Just spray the suede with some sort of protectant, no? Won't that help alot? I almost bought the tote a few days back but I looked basically retarded carrying it.

    P.S I LOVED LOVED LOVED your dialogue ValleyO lol. I feel like I haven't seen you around the forums as much anymore?
  6. That is an odd combo :yes:
  7. Horrible idea..but looks fantastic! Worst case scenario, whoever buys it, can just put a nappy at the bottom before he carries it ( as smart option as putting the suede there in the first place ;))