I might try a Kelly...sellier or retourne?

  1. I may try a Kelly 28 for a go out to dinner bag or luncheon. My life is very casual and I don't go to very fancy functions, just nice restaurants. I am thinking about the Kelly 28 in black box with gh. Would you gals suggest retourne or sellier and why?
  2. Oooh...tough one... (But easy for me...)

    For me...retourne only...dress/casual...like my life...

    I, too, am typically a restaurant/happy hour girl in terms of Kelly function...
  3. I vote for black box w/GH in sellier!:tup::heart::tender: That's my HG bag!!!
  4. Sellier for "formal"
    Retourne for casual
  5. Asa, I can only get one...I guess the fanciest place I would wear this would be a nice restaurant in NYC with a dress but not a gown...would that be retourne for you?
  6. sellier to me is classic, I would go with that with black box.
  7. RC, since when can YOU only get one??? :p

    Based on your style, I'd say retourne, but I also see you as a collector, so you should have a sellier.

    I think you should get a retourne first because you will feel comfortable with it, then add a sellier.

    Remember what happened after your first HAC. :graucho:

    Can't wait to see what you get.
  8. :roflmfao: You know me all to well!;)
  9. retourne. hands down. the black box will make it dressier so the retourne will keep it a little more casual for your lifestyle and your style.
  10. I thought you were going to say "NEITHER...Rocker, get a hold of yourself." :p
    But I appreciate you voting on one of the options!
  11. lol. i'm going with the flow. no one takes my advice anyway. i was betting for a while i was just plain on ignore but whatevs.
  12. well i love sellier kellys and black box ghw is just a classic but judgin from your style choices etc i say retournee just becasue you will most likely get more use out of it. :flowers:
  13. RC, def. retourne. can go both ways in box with GH - casual or formal.
  14. I say retourné: I prefer it to sellier.....
  15. Totally agree with you. I love the look of black box sellier with gh, my next Kelly:love: