I Might Need An Intervention

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  1. I just found TPF, May 14, and I've been on here constantly. Like I'm possessed, and so determined to purchase the Chanel Cabas white handbag that I want. Is there a 911 for obsessions? :devil:
  2. This IS the 911 for obsessions.... !!!

    You're in the right place! We'll help and convince and enable and empower you to get that CABAS!!!!

    It;s a beauty!!! YOU NEEED IT!!!! :graucho::drool::yes:
  3. LOL GET ITTTTTTTTT!!!!!! Dont worry when I found tPF back in november of 06 (its only been 6 months?!?!) I was posessed too and I would come on here every waking hour instead of doing homework and I wouldnt sleep unti like 1-2 am lolll youll get over the "newness" of tPF and go back to being normal after :smile:
  4. Bubble, you're the "perfect" enabler, you provide support without condition.

    Thank you.....:happydance::happydance::happydance:
  5. All I can say is thank you.....hehehehehe
  6. Well... we are a very addictive forum!!!!
  7. LOL! I wouldn't be of any help because I was the same way when I first joined this forum. I had to stop myself from impulsive purchases and just live vicariously through other tPFers.
  8. YOU DID??? that's means we're not doing a good job... Hmmmmm:wtf:

    Oh my, Megs and VLAD we need to bump it up a notch for kissmyace... MAJOR INTERVENTION needed !!!

    EVERYONE ---> ENABLE HER!!!! :wlae::wlae::wlae:

  9. Awww i take that as a huge compliment :graucho:

    I'm happy to do so!!! :yes: I like bringing joy and bags to others' lives!!!:rolleyes:

  10. hehe I was the same way...I took the longest break from here too to let my pockets recover! But, now, a year later, I'm still just as obsessed!!!
  11. Welcome, Michele26:smile:

    I have to agree, you do need that white Chanel Cabas!:yes:

    It's Chanel? It's White? Its the Cabas so it's huge! It's nearly Summer time? Of course you need that Cabas.

    Can't believe you have gone without it for so long:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: