I might have to murder my neice....

  1. I can't wait until I can post HAPPY things on here again!

    my sister is a horrible mother who keeps having kids and I try to do everything with the kids that I can to help them have a good childhood

    I took my neice and nephew to the circus and asked my neice to take a picture of me and my guy. She proceeds to drop our $400 digital camera on a cement floor and now it is broken. It will cost us $181 to fix it or we just have to buy a new one.:cursing: 1 second we have a great camera..the next..nothing! We need that camera too because we need them to take pictures of our baggs to sell. Thank the lord I have taken 98% of the pictures but still! I've already missed so many moments of my son's summer and I am a picture freak!

    thanks for letting me vent! I can't decide whether to pay to have our amazing camera fixed or just go get a cheaper one.:crybaby:
  2. Well- Murder- not...
    Be upset with perhaps...

    Hope you get it worked out..
  3. That sucks! I'd be pretty upset too! Was it an accident?
  4. I'm sorry, I know you're venting, but what does your "horrible" sister, having multiple kids, to do with your niece accidentally dropping your camera? It was an accident, you can't really be mad. Just my 2 cents.

    If you do buy a new camera, you can get a great camera for less than $400. Mega pixels mean nothing unless you're taking large high resolution pictures. Try a camera with 4-6MP with a steady hand function and a good macro and you should be good.
  5. I agree! It's a camera and I'm certain it was an accident on her part...poor thing. She probably feels terrible about it too. I hope you didn't show her how angry you were. Even adults drop and break things :shrugs:.

    I hope you get it all worked out at any rate. Good cameras are easy to find these days and come a dime a dozen and you can get a reasonably priced good camera anywhere if you can't get the old one repaired.
  6. I'm kinda perplexed too. sorry about your camera but it sounds like it was an accident. not sure how your sis being a horrible mom with too many kids figures into it either....??? I'd just buy a new camera.
  7. I can understand you being upset but I am sure she didn't do it on purpose. She was probably more worried about hurting your camera and being so gentle she didn't hold it hard enough?

    And as much as I hate to say it...you did ask her to take the picture. It's not as if she grabbed the camera and was throwing it around. If the camera was that precious perhaps taking it to a circus event and entrusting is to a pre-teen/teenager (I am assuming because I wouldn't give my camera to anyone under 12) was not the best move.
  8. Look on the bright side. It's a good excuse to splurge on a newer model. I generally have the problem with things not breaking and I'm stuck with the old.........
    Perception is everything. It happened, I hope you find a way to just let it go.
  9. "Never hand anything worth above $100 to anyone below 12" is my motto.

    I can understand your being annoyed. I just had to pay $30 to replace a library book that got jelly spilled all over it by my kid....it was an accident, but I'm still :mad:.
  10. I like your motto! (Says the mother of a 6 year old male tornado..lol)
  11. Sometimes you say things you don't mean when you are mad without thinking. She might be doing that here or her comment could have been very true and we just don't know the whole story about her sister.
    It doesn't surprise me about a person who is an awful mom having kids. My SIL had a baby with her ex boyfriend and would always call out of work and have her parents watch the kid. Now they watch the kid 6 days a week so she will go to work. She also got pregnant again and lost the child about 6 mo ago. She is pregnant yet again now and engaged to a different guy.
    And then my MIL told my husband that his sister doesn't even like children. Now it makes sense why she has her parents watch the baby all the time, but why would she keep having kids if she doesn't like them? (and no, they aren't accident, she planned them)

    ok, and now me getting to the point. Your niece probably didn't mean to drop it and once you calm down, you will realize that and maybe something good will come out of it. They have great cameras for $200 and less now. I bought a $400 camera that's only 2 mega pixels 4-5 years ago and now I can get a 5-7 megapixel one for half that price. Sometimes I wish mine would break so I would have a good excuse to get a new one.
    Definitely buy a new one because they don't usually have warranties on fixed ones.
  12. Hello again

    I guess I'll say more about why I said what I said about my sister. She is a drug-addicted person who keeps letting these loser guys knock her up. She has 3 kids now and doesn't have custody of two of them. I now am more of a mother to these children. This is my choice of course but like I am going to let them have their childhood go by without doign things for them that their mother and Grandparen'ts won't do.

    WIth my neice...Last year I took her on a huge shopping spree and day out for her birthday. After over $200 and a nice meail she did not ONCE say thank you. She NEVER does for anything that I do for her. With everythign now you have to prompt her with "what do you say?" THE GIRL IS 10!

    When she dropped the camera..there was no "i'm sorry." she WALKED away like nothing happened! It took 4 hours for me to finally tell her that she needs to apologize! Havign her say it after I told her she needed to doesn't really do much for me not being angry. We also gave her her birthday presents before the circus..again, no thank you at all. We didn't even get thanked for taking them to the circus and buying them the candy and letting them do all the fun things like get their faces painted

    It just feels like, with my sister and her kids there is no appreciation for anything. Knowing my financial situatin (a HUGE issue in why I am upset about having to pay for a new camera or to fix it) she came to my house yesterday to "visit." In the end all she did was talk about only having $13 to her name. I knew very well she wanted me to offer her some money. Not going to happen.

    So with no apologies or thank-you's, my guy and I have decided that it is no longer our issue to help these kids have fun things in their lives.

    so it's OK if you don't agree with what I'm saying but if you were there I think you would empathize with how angry I am! She just WALKED AWAY!
  13. oh..and now I know..nothign expensive gets put in the hands of children!!!!:rolleyes: Lesson certainly learned
  14. maybe your niece doesnt know that she has to say im sorry, if her mom never reinforced her to do it she may just not know the please/thank you/im sorry thing.
  15. I understand what you're saying, and I would say that for most any other child her behavior would be deplorable. But your niece is being raised by a mother with a drug problem - it's quite possible that she's just never been taught the niceties of social conduct. Or at least she hasn't had them reinforced consistently enough. This isn't to say that kids with troubled parents necessarily grow up rude, but if all she is right now is rude, I'd say that she's doing pretty well for her background. :sad:

    I do hope you get your camera fixed, and considering your feelings, are you able to distance yourself from your sister and her family a bit? It might help destress you a bit.