I might have ruined my bag

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  1. Hi there! I've been reading a ton on the amazing and informative posts on this forum, but this is my first posting. I've just discovered pre-loved LV and I've been researching and made a few purchases. I bought a Cabos Mezzo on ebay for a great price and was ecstatic. It seemed perfect except for a chemical smell and the typical watermarks/aging on the bottom vachetta. I wet the lining down with an odor remover to neutralize the smell and hung it upside down on my fence during a beautiful summer day. Oh, success I thought! The smell was gone! However, I noticed a tear in the canvas under my handle. I don't know if it was there when it arrived (I didn't pull the handles back aggressively to check), but I could sure see it when it was hanging upside down. I might have caused the tear or made it worse in my cleaning efforts. I know it can't be repaired by LV, but I am really distressed. Talk me down from the ledge if you can (or tell it to me straight), how bad is this? I thought I got the deal of the century on this amazing tote that I see being sold for $800 on resale sites, but now I'm afraid my investment is lost as certainly I can't resell it now. Will I even be able to get much use out of it? Thanks in advance for anything you can tell me.

  2. It's not ruined. You can take it to a repair place to have the crack glued. It will be fine.
  3. Thank you for the reassurance! I'm just still so horrified at the discovery. Would an experience cobbler/leather-worker be the right choice or is there a better place to look? I can probably search the forum for that question too. Thanks again for responding!
  4. Not to worry. Many people (me included) have vintage bags so I can tell you this one will be fine. You also might want to check YouTube videos to show you how to repair small cracks. Almost anything can be fixed. I'd check a reputable cobbler in your area that has experience with high end shoes and leather goods. There are other companies where you can send the bag out for repairs but that crack is small enough that I'd try other options first.
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  5. Thank you! You have made me feel much better! I will check with cobblers in my area and do my best to stop freaking out.
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  6. I'm glad. :smile: Don't wait, though, you want to fix it before the crack gets larger. Better to repair a small crack than a larger one.
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