I might have a problem...

  1. So I just received this beautiful BV Ombre last Thursday...it was on sale for $1400 from $2100. Then two weeks before that I purchased the veneta hobo for $900....I do love both of these bags and I refer to them as my "investments"...as "investments" in my future. I need to stop....now!
    bottega hobo.jpg bottega ombre.jpg
  2. you dont have a problem; otherwise, all of us here in BV need rehab already :smile:

    BV is certainly very addictive. i agree with you too on referring them as inventment. that's how we feel better about our purchases.

    On a serious note, the classic veneta is lovely. would love to see the BV Ombre with some action pictures. I have never seen it IRL. Congratulations and trust me there is no going back. Welcome to the world of BV ;)
  3. I agree - BV is VERY addictive! Beautiful buys - thanks for sharing, and enjoy them!
  4. GREAT choices! Congrats, they are soooooo beautiful!
  5. Where did you find the veneta for $900? What terrific buys!
  6. congratulations!! veneta is a classic beauty and the ombre one is also seriously beautiful (I almost bought it), and you got a great deal for both!!
    um, need to stop... what?:nuts:
  7. congratulations, jackpka1, those are both beautiful purchases. the nero veneta is so versatile and a total bv icon, and the red is heaps of fun. do post action pics, please.
  8. Great bags at great prices! We all have the same problem here LOL.
  9. Jackpka--you must post pictures of the ombre bag!!! What a great price on both bags, but I'm dying to see how that red bag looks on someone; I almost got it when it first came out.

    As far as stopping, good luck...
  10. Welcome jackPKA1 - you've found lots of new friends (and enablers) here at tPF! And if you have a problem then there are an awful lot of us who also need HELP!

    I bought my first two BVs (a noce and then a nero Montaigne) in very quick succession in October - then a couple of weeks later my second two BVs (a bianco and then a carmino Montaigne...). So we'll anxiously await news of your next purchases!!

    You two "investments" are beautiful and I can't wait to see action pictures of the red ombre in particular! I don't have a chance to see anything IRL here and therefore I can't picture even how big the bag is - much less how it looks in action.
  11. Congrats on your gorgeous classic choices. :love::heart::love: The nero veneta is amazing and the red ombre color just stunning. :girlsigh: Action pics please!
  12. I think we ALL have this "problem." Hahaha... Enjoy your new goodies!
  13. jack - congrats on the great buys! i love the ombre especially! was almost tempted to get the one in the other colour to match my cosmetic pouch!

    yes, please post action pics soon!
  14. Welcome to BV, and your fine addiction problem ;)

    Your Ombre is gorgeous, and at that price, you'll NEVER regret getting that Veneta!
  15. Congratulations!:yahoo: They are both beautiful bags,:love::love: the veneta in particular is a classic style that will never date. Welcome to the darkside!:devil: