i might be the only one...

  1. to find this interesting, but i thought i'd post anyways.

    i was flipping through a book on purses i got over the weekend and spotted these. thought you all might want to see where the current legacy stripe came from, if you didn't know already! :nuts:


  2. No kidding!? That is very cool - I had no idea. Thanks for posting that, Kallison. :yes:
  3. Oh - that IS very neat! Very interesting that the name truly befits it!
  4. oh wow...thank you so much for sharing. i had no idea where the stripes came from.
  5. Kallison:

    What is the name of the book and who is the author?
    I would like to know.

  6. I would like to know as well.....books for my classes I barely touch, but a book on purses I'll probably finish in one night.....
  7. Cool! Thanks for sharing!
  8. very interesting thanks for posting!
  9. Kallison- that is very cool!.. :supacool:
  10. Neat - thanks for posting the photos!
  11. I have seen that second bag on eBay from time to time. I love the first one listed though.
  12. How cool!
  13. OOH! I got that book for Christmas and haven't looked through it yet...gonna have to right now!!!