I might be going to Bahrain

  1. I just got off Skype with the DH and he's trying to get me to join him in Bahrain. Don't we have a PF member here that lives there? If I go, it won't be for another week or two. If the gal that lives there is online and reads this, please PM me. I would like to ask her a few questions about the culture and traditions and how to dress - don't want to be disrespectful while I'm there.
  2. bagnshoofetish.. i'm from UAE, Dubai.. but in the gulf area generally u can dress the same way u dress California as long as u dont walk in the streets with your bikini u should be fine!!!.. its not as its perceived that ppl are strict here.. maybe they were but not anymore.. actually locals of Bahrain and Dubai as well they tend to wear jeans and tshirts, short skits, etc.. its just no big deal.. and we have lots and lots of ppl from the US, Canada and Europe who works here and it seems to me that they're enjoying themselves alot.. especially at the beach!!

    goodluck and have fun.. keep us posted :flowers:
  3. The only thing that I can say is:

    STAY COOL!!!
  4. cool! thank you so much! my DH says I need to wear something on my head. He is at the Ritz Carlton though so I don't know if its just what he's seeing there or not? Or maybe because he is a guest of the royal family? If I can wear what I wear here - yea!!!!
  5. Gosh, that's really neat!!! Take pictures for me so I can live vicariously through you!
  6. oh you know I will. hubby sent me this photo. this is the side of the hotel he is on. I'm so there.

  7. OMG! Looks like it will be a lot of fun!

    Is Bahrain close to the seven-star Burj al Arab? If so, please take photos and humour us!
  8. oooh. good question. going to look that up!
  9. I see that hotel is in Dubai. Dubai is way south of Bahrain. Bummer.
  10. Burj-Al Arab is in Dubai not Bahrain :smile:
  11. No u dont need to put anything on ur head!!!! Thats for sure!!! and make sure u take ur bikini for that swimmingpool cause it looks amazing!!! im sure ull have loads of fun!
  12. I'm beginning to think my hubby just wanted an excuse to try to make me submissive!

    Nice try!

  13. Lol
  14. LOL! :lol: Have a great time, man after seeing that picture you ARE so there. :supacool: :wlae:
  15. Oh I know who you're thinking about.. Baby_Boo lives in Bahrain!

    And OMG I hope you get to go to Dubai too since it's so close!! I LOVE that place to no end!! Tons of great shopping, yummy food, and friendly people. One of my favorite vacations hands down =)